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Explore the Ways Shakespeare Presents the Theme of Identity in ‘Othello’


Explore the Ways Shakespeare Provides the Style of Identity in ‘Othello’At the start of the play, Othello is depicted as a positive and essential character. We learn that he is indeed a high level general for the army, and his fight strategies and experience in warfare are second to none. Although Othello commands respect within his ranks, and his soldiers appreciate him, Iago and Rodrigo plainly do not respect him, and this could be due to Othello’s African American ethnicity, as in Elizabethan times England was rather racist. Iago and Rodrigo’s effort to entrap Othello reveals us their disrespect for him.

He is likewise a ‘Moor’– he is most probably from the north west of Africa. His real ethnic origin is unclear but it is essential that he is not white. It marks him out from the other characters, both as somebody who is effective however likewise as somebody who is a complete stranger. Othello is a powerful individual, he is put in charge of Cyprus by the federal government. When Brabantio challenges Othello in court, Othello stays calm and measured, despite the fact that if he is convicted he will most likely be performed.

His calm and measuredness reveal his strength in character, and these are most likely qualities that he is respected for in war. Othello is presented as a confident lover, not letting society determine his relationships due to his skin colour. Nevertheless, later in the play, Iago handles to get into Othello’s head and encourage him that Desdemona is cheating on him, since she doesn’t appreciate him as he is black. In the beginning Othello violently dismisses Iago, however he soon starts to question himself.

He begins to become paranoid that perhaps Iago is proper, and self doubt begins to gnaw at Othello, putting him into a psychologically unstable state. Othello ends up being remarkably jealous at the thought of Desdemona cheating on him with Cassio. This represents Othello as a dominating and obsessive fan. Othello is portrayed as an outsider, described as a ‘moor’ and Iago starts to feed Othello’s doubt on his racial inequalities. At the start of the play Othello and Desdemona or incredibly in love.

Over the course of the play Othello’s character modifications considerably, this is represented by his use of flamboyant iambic pentameter at the beginning of the play, and how that modifications to a darker straight prose. Throughout the play Desdemona’s character goes pretty much unchanged. She stays loyal to her other half, and she stays sweet and moderate up till her death. She does not even argue when Othello is suffocating her, she daren’t disrespect her husband.

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