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Social Criticism: Fahrenheit 451 Final Essay


Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 Final Essay: Social Criticism What is incorrect in our society today? What do people think our society will end up being like? In Fahrenheit 451, composed by Ray Bradbury, the primary character, Person Montag, lives in a futuristic society that is ruled by the TV and electronic devices. Books and all of the composed word is prohibited from this society. Plus, the children in school are being taught that there is only one response to a problem, in addition to everyone else in the city.

Even though Bradbury’s society is happening in the future, he is truly criticizing the television and what kids are being taught in today’s world. Bradbury criticizes the tv through the character Mildred. Bradbury achieves this through the passage where Mildred is viewing T. V. with her friends. Montag turns the parlor walls off, then starts to speak with them about when they believe the war will start and asks to read them a poem from a book.

They state no due to the fact that they do not think there is anything to get from reading books and they can learn everything that they require to know from the parlor walls. Bradbury sees this as bad due to the fact that the ladies have developed a T. V. club instead of a book club and will not even think of reading books because they think that the television is the huge social to-do and just wish to discuss that. It is this that causes a few of the social criticism in Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury also slams the fact that individuals are just given one best response to every choice and question through Captain Beatty.

A passage that deals with this is when Beatty and Montag are at Montag’s home and Beatty states “If you do not desire a guy dissatisfied politically, do not provide him 2 sides to a question to worry him; provide him one.” What Bradbury is trying to state in this passage is that America is producing all of the brand-new games that kids are playing to have just one service to a problem, only one method a puzzle can go together, only one ideal thing to say to win or get to the next place. It is due to the fact that of this that kids do not seem to have as much creativity because they are only given one pre-programmed response to an issue.

For that reason, Bradbury is criticizing television and what kids are being taught in this world. Both of these points are examples of how Bradbury is criticizing our society in Fahrenheit 451. He is attempting to show that the tv is absorbing the new generation of America and draws them far from books, as well as the reality that America is giving the more youthful generation just one response and one method to solve a puzzle on their video games. When you think about this, it is scary how our society is today.

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