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Fahrenheit 451: Ray Bradbury Represents How Montag Likes to Burn and Change Things With Fire


Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury represents how Montag likes to burn and change things with fire. Montag can be compared to fire in lots of ways. Fire to him is satisfaction, power, heat, and joy. Throughout the book, Bradbury shows how Montags’ character mirrors fire. Montag felt great when working with fire he did not care about anything else. He felt pleasure seeing things deformed “It was a satisfaction to see things consumed, to see things blackened and altered. (Page 3) Montag felt full of life and excellent about altering things with fire. He enjoyed the adrenaline he felt when burning books with fire. He felt the warmth of the fire “Later going to sleep, he would feel the intense smile still gripped by his face muscles, in the dark. “(Page4) rather of finding pleasure by being with his other half he discovered more pleasure in fire. He cared more about his task then his house and his partner. After fulfilling Clarisse Montag’s view of fire and how he utilized it changed.

He felt regretful for dealing with fire “Montag’s hand closed like a mouth squashed the book with wild commitment, with an insanity of mindlessness to his chest. “(Page 37) Montag’s change of viewpoint on damaging books triggered him to save one. He blamed his hands for his actions and pretended he had no control over them. Montag did not understand what to do “He gazed, shaken, at the white hand. He held it escape, as if he were farsighted. He held it close, as if he were blind. “(page 38) Montag was trembling while he was attempting to get the woman out of the home.

He did not want to eliminate any person else with fire. Montag discovered a good use for fire when he burned away his old life. He relived his self by burning things “He burnt the bed room walls and the cosmetics chest since he wished to change whatever. “(Page 116) Montag utilized fire for an excellent cause to alter his old life and have a fresh start. He did not wish to use fire to damage things anymore. “Fire was best for whatever. “(Page 116) Montag identified what he truly needed to burn instead of books.

Montag rejoiced for utilizing fire to change things in a great way. Montag was tired of utilizing fire as a devastating source. “It was not burning. It was warming. He saw lots of hands held to its warmth, hands without arms, concealed in darkness. “(Page 145) He found out that fire was not just for damaging things it was for convenience and warmth. He understood now that fire could be used as an excellent source for him. “He had not known fire might look this way. He had actually never believed in his life that it might give along with take.

Even its small was different.” (Page 146) Montag did not understand that he might utilize fire for a good. He felt good and various when using fire for a good idea. Montag was a firefighter that liked to burn things with fire. Fire was enthusiasm for him. He did not care about anybody else. When he fulfilled Clarisse his thoughts on things altered a lot. At the end he felt ashamed of what he had done throughout his life with fire. He felt warmth from the fire and an excellent feeling since he had actually burnt his old life and began a fresh new life.

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