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There is No Tomorrow Without Yesterday: Social Commentary Essay on Fahrenheit 451


Fahrenheit 451

There is No Tomorrow Without Yesterday: Social Commentary Essay on Fahrenheit 451 Society is a vibrant collection of concepts and individuals that is always altering, growing, and developing. Normally as the future becomes today, people grow more smart and as an entire the mankind advances. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, this is not the case. The story follows a guy by the name of Person Montag as he searches for answers in a world where asking concerns can be deadly. Man resides in a society where books are burned and thinking is socially undesirable.

Due to the fact that Montag is a firefighter he assists the government in ridding the country of books. He understands something is missing but he isn’t sure what the missing puzzle piece is until he meets a girl called Clarisse Mclellan. Clarisse is not in his life for long but she has a fantastic influence on Montag by provoking him to believe. By asking him questions she enables him to look deep within himself and understand he is in a loveless relationship, a horrible, guilt-racking job, and he does not understand what is best or wrong.

Through a series of essential occasions Montag has the ability to find out how to check out and understand, and in the end is ready to assist work towards a brighter tomorrow, gaining from the past. In the novel Bradbury utilizes his characters to say that society is becoming a body of ignorant individuals who are lacking the ability to love, the ability to reveal opinions due to the fact that political correctness squanders all controversy, and doing not have intellect also. Through the relationships of Mrs.

Phelps and Clarisse, Bradbury slams the absence of genuine relationships in contemporary society. For instance on page 95 Mrs. Phelps mentions her spouse’s death with a frightening nonchalance. She says, “Anyway, Pete and I always said no tears, absolutely nothing like that. It’s our 3rd marriage each and we are independent. ‘Be independent,’ he always stated ‘If I get exterminated you simply go right ahead and do not sob, but get married once again.” These words are from the passage that discusses Mrs. Phelps’s see to Montag’s home.

The statement is significant since it pertains to the viewpoint that the people of Bradbury’s society have about marriage. Instead of a psychological connection of love and trust, marriage is deemed a financing source or a company contract. In the novel, society does not see marriage as a sacred union in between 2 people in love, similar to those in modern-day society who merely wed for personal gain. Another example of the lack of relationships can be seen on page 23 where Clarisse states “Nobody has time anymore for anyone else. She makes this discovery when inquiring of Montag about his type of work, not long after they first become familiarized. Clarisse’s declaration concerns Bradbury’s criticisms since it rings true for most of the relationships and relationships in Fahrenheit 451. All individuals are so soaked up in themselves that they do not make any effort to emotionally invest in their buddies, next-door neighbors and family members. This lack of bonding is a bad thing since it triggers people to be selfish, greedy and heedless of the affects their own actions may have on others.

As one can see, genuine relationships are unusual in Bradbury’s society due to the fact that the majority of individuals don’t care about mentally bonding with anybody else. By utilizing the characters Faber and Beatty, Bradbury slams the seriousness of political correctness in society today and how it squashes the new ideas and debate, due to the fact that controversy provokes private thought and opinions. An example of this criticism is clearly visible on page 83 where Faber says “The comfortable people want just wax moon faces, poreless, hairless, expressionless. These words are an excerpt from Faber’s lecture to Montag explaining the prominence books have on the mission for knowledge and intellectual development. The message Faber is communicating is everything about political accuracy and censorship. Bradbury’s society is developed on averting anything that would initiate or provoke idea, such as talking about the flaws or ‘pores’ of life. This connect political accuracy since by avoiding the defects, the entire society has prevented debate, which is a great idea provoker.

Another instance where the topic of political accuracy is referenced is on page 57. On page 57, during Beatty’ tirade he states to Montag intensely, “Don’t step on the toes of the canine fans, cat enthusiasts, physicians, attorneys, chiefs, Mormons, Baptists, Unitarians, 2nd generation Chinese, Swedes, Italians Germans, Texans, Brooklynites, Irishmen, people from Oregon or Mexico.” By informing Montag how the federal government and society keep individuals “happy”, he hopes to prevent Montag from looking for knowledge. Through Beatty, Bradbury buffoons the idea of ot angering anyone, due to the fact that it is almost impossible to share your viewpoints without offending anyone. Moreover, by avoiding ‘stepping on individuals’s toes’, the society had achieved success in avoiding any topics that would promote conversation and thought. This type of censorship is negative since without new ideas and openmindedness, society is bound to make no development towards a better future. In addition to slamming political correctness and relationships, Beatty uses his characters to criticize the absence of thinking and stupidity rampant in society.

On page 61 Beatty says “Do not provide any slippery things like approach or sociology to tie things up with.” He says these words to Montag when he visits Montag after the firefighters burn the old lady’s home down. Beatty’s declaration is considerable due to the fact that it is precisely how the people are kept from believing. By getting rid of approach and sociology, society does not have the requirement to consider and ponder the ways of the world, so all the people need to focus on is meaningless realities and concepts that don’t need discussion and idea.

Another example of this notion is on page 56. The passage states “The zipper displaces the button and guy lacks just that much time to think at dawn, a philosophical hour and therefore a melancholy hour.” These words are likewise said by Beatty and directed towards Montag. This example is necessary because it directly relates to the concept that society is oblivious and doesn’t believe. The modern strides in technology permit people to be lazy and not to have to think.

Widespread stupidity is bad due to the fact that if there is less time to review viewpoint, people will end up being oblivious and shallow, which will stifle any efforts to improve on society. As one can see, Bradbury uses his characters to make a declaration that society is deviating towards lack of knowledge and stupidity, an absence of genuine relationships and extreme political accuracy. By reading the book one will have the ability to comprehend these ideas of society and get a complete understanding of how the characters development plays function in the criticism of society.

It is necessary that Bradbury criticizes these things because all 3 issues are threatening society today. Individuals are involved in worthless relationships for the sake of money, others are so captured up in political correctness their voices are being silenced, and stupidity is a fast illness that is towering above everybody. It is to be hoped that after checking out Fahrenheit 451 one will be able to see what flaws depend on the past, and use these to work towards a brighter tomorrow.

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