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Fahrenheit 451: Final Exam Review


Fahrenheit 451: Final Examination Review

Montag and Mildred believe someone is at the door. Why doesn’t the door-voice tell them if someone is there?
Due to the fact that Montag had actually turned it off prior to they began reading the books.
What does Mildred believe is at the door? What is at the door?
Someone who lives however doesn’t do anything with there life.
What is a report Montag has heard?
They are having a terrific life while the remainder of the world is suffering.
Who is the English Professor?
Why did the last liberal arts college closed down?
Absence of students.
When Faber was about to leave Montag, he stated some things. What did Montag believe he was reciting?
Montag believed he was reciting a poem.
What does Faber suggest by “I don’t talk things, sir. I talk the significance of things. I sit here and understand I’m alive”
Writes to get deeper meaning.
What does Faber provide Montag at the end of their conference?
An Address
What are some of the books that Montag asks Faber about?
Bible, Shakespeare, and Plato.
Why is Faber scared to respond to?
He believes its a trap.
Why is Mildred delighted?
The girls are coming over.
What is the name of the show that Mildred prepares to view?
White Clown
What concern does Montag ask Mildred?
He asks her if the White Clown likes her.
While Montag is on the train what does he keep in mind about when he was a kid?
Resting on a yellow dune with a seive of sand in his hand.
Why is he trying to keep in mind the Bible?
So it will stick in his mind just in case it gets destroyed.
What is triggering Montag to have a challenging time reading the Bible?
The people are sidetracking him on the bus.
How does Montag begin to act? What is the response from the other riders?
He attempts to overlook them.
Whom does Montag check out?
How is Teacher Faber described?
White, old, and delicate
According to Faber, what does Jesus do on the parlor walls?
Faber states that Jesus is now in the parlor TV and is utilized to advertize products.
According to Faber, why is he a coward?
He had the chance to save books however he didn’t because he was too frightened.
What are the 3 qualities that Faber states are needed?
Quality of information, and leisure to digest.
What concept did Montag have?
Montag thinks they should get a printing press and print extra copies of books.
What is Faber’s reaction to Montag’s concept?
Faber doesn’t want to listen, because he knows that if they printed books, they would be jailed or killed.
What idea does Faber suggest to Montag about printing additional copies?
The Firemen’s home
What does Montag do to the Bible to attempt to get Faber to agree to help?
Rips the pages from the Bible.
What does Faber give Montag to assist him out with his conference with Beatty?
A seashell radio
Explain the bank
Open 24 hr, robotic individuals
Describe the show that Mildred and her good friends are seeing?
Dives from something to the next
What does Montag do to the parlor walls?
He pulled out the plug.
What concerns does he ask?
He asks about their partners and their children.
What took place to Gloria’s hubby?
He killed himself by leaping off a building.
How did Mrs. Bowles have two kids?
What were Mrs. Bowles’s factors for having children?
Continue the race of people.
Explain Mrs. Bowles’s method of parenting
She puts them in bording school the majority of the time and when they are not at school, she puts them in front of the TV and leaves them there. She reveals no love towards her kids.
How did the ladies vote? What did they use for requirements when electing president?
On looks
What does Montag do after he can’t take the women anymore?
He goes and gets a book to check out to them.
What is the name of the poem Montag reads?
Dover Beach
What is Mrs. Phelps’s response to the poem?
She starts to sob.
What does Montag make with the book after he has read the poem?
Burns it
What does Beatty say when he sees Montag in the firehouse?
He calles him a fool, however says that he was reasonable to come back and invites him back to work.
According to Beatty, why does he price quote from the books that Montag holds on to?
He wants to reveal Montag how books are really inconsistent, so they can not be counted on to offer him the responses he is trying to find.
What home do the firefighters go to?
What house do the firefighters go to?
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