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Fahrenheit 451: Plot Questions


Fahrenheit 451: Plot Concerns

What do the firemen carry out in the world of Fahrenheit 451?
Burn books
What is written on the firefighters’s helmets?
What are the two professional signs that Montag wears?
Salamander and phoenix disc
What does Montag state he always smells like?
Who does Montag encounter on his way house?
Clarisse McClellan
Why is it paradoxical that numerous people hesitate of firemen?
In our society we think about firefighters as heroes
How do the doors work?
You put your hand into a glove hole and the door opens
What is etched on Montag’s igniter?
What did Montag hit with his foot?
Crystal bottle for sleeping tablets
What is Montag’s partner’s name?
What are the two makers being used on Montag’s other half? What do they do?
Machine like a snake moves into the stomach and drinks the green matter. The other device pumps blood from the body and replaces it with new blood and serum.
Where does the laughter that Montag hears originated from?
From the house of Clarisse
Explain Montag’s toaster. What does it do?
Toast the bread, takes it out with a spidery metal hand, then soaks it in melted butter
What did Mildred have in her ears?
Electronic bees
What did Mildred remember of the night prior to? Or what did she pretend to bear in mind?
Remembered individuals being over and didn’t keep in mind taking all her pills
What sort of program is Mildred going to see in the afternoon?
A play
Explain Montag’s television. What does Mildred desire for the television that Montag claims they can not afford?
It’s a 3-wall television and Mildred wants the fourth wall
What does Clarisse rub under her chin? Why?
Dandelion, because if it rubs off it implies she remains in love
What does Clarisse’s psychiatrist want to know?
Why she heads out, hikes in the forest, enjoys birds, and gathers butterflies
According to Clarisse, how is Montag “not like the others”?
He takes a look at her when she talks and considers what she states
Describe the Mechanical Hound.
Made up of brass, copper, steel, ruby glass eyes, sensitive capillary hairs in nylon-brushed nostrils, eight legs, rubber-padded paws
What do the firefighters bet on dull nights?
Which of the cats, chickens, or rats the mechanical hound would capture first
What happens when Montag touches the muzzle of the Mechanical Hound?
It grumbled
How did Montag leave the Hound and get to the upper level of the firehouse?
He got the brass pole with one hand which moved him up
What is Montag’s theory on why the Hound reacted the way it did?
It does not like him
How many times before had the Hound reacted this way toward Montag?
Two times
Why has Montag never ever had any kids?
Mildred never ever desired any
What is different about Montag’s laugh?
It sounds more relaxed
Explain a school day worldwide of Fahrenheit 451.
1 hr television class, 1 hr exercise, 1 hr transcription history or art. No concerns asked, answers just provided
Why does Clarisse discover it odd that people discover her to be antisocial?
She likes to talk about nature or question things with simply one or a few people
Call one thing that Clarisse speak about that is different today than in the past.
Kids eliminate each other
What did the radio in the firehouse say?
“a war may be stated any hour. This nation stands prepared to defend its …”
What occurs to individuals that try to fool the federal government?
They get sent out to an ayslum
Why was Montag absurd to use the phrase “Once upon a time”?
It could threaten him for checking out even a line from a book
What is the history of Firemen of America?
Developed 1790, to burn English-influenced books in the colonies. First Firefighter: Benjamin Franklin
How is the fire engine described?
Orange dragon
What was various at Mrs. Blake’s? What did Montag not like about the way things were being done?
She was there when they were. The woman might begin to shout and sob out.
What does Montag do with the book than lands in his hand?
He checks out a line and takes it
What does Beatty state to Mrs. Blake about the books?
“The people in those books never ever lived. Come on now!”
Who started the fire at Mrs. Blake’s house?
Mrs. Blake
What piece of info does Beatty show Montag that refers back to something Mrs. Blake had stated?
The important things the lady was stating had actually been stated by “A male called Latimer” to “a man named Nicholas Ridley, as they were being charred alive at Oxford, for heresy” October 16, 1555
What question does Montag ask his better half when he finally speaks to her?
“When did we meet? And where?”
What does Montag sob about?
Not crying about death
What does Montag notice about the television shows?
They’re constantly family members talking with Mildred
What does Mildred state about Clarisse to Montag?
She was run over by an automobile
What did Montag picture being outside his window?
The Hound
What reason is Montag trying to use to prevent going to work?
Chills and a fever
Why does Montag not want to go to work any longer? What are some discoveries he has had?
Since of the women they burned. They burn up thousands of books, each taking a long period of time to be however out, however they’re gone in minutes
Who pertains to check out Montag?
Captain Beatty
What does Mildred discover behind Montag’s pillow?
The taken book
What word ended up being a swear word?
Why does society lower the kindergarten age year after year?
Because the house environment can undo what they teach in school
According to captain Beatty, if you don’t desire a man unhappy politically, what do you do?
Do not provide him two sides to a concern to worry him, offer him one or none
What does Beatty state about firemen taking books?
Every firefighters gets an itch to, but you come away lost
According to Clarisse’s uncle, why did the designers get rid of front patios?
“because they didn’t look well,” most likely since they didn’t desire people having the incorrect kind of social life
About the number of books had Montag hidden in the ventilator?
20 some
What takes place right before Montag and Mildred begin to read the books?
Millie attempts to burn a book, however Montag stops her
Man Montag Personal Characteristics
Charcoal hair, soot-colored eyebrow, bluish-ash-smeared cheeks
Mildred Montag Personal Characteristics
Hair charred by chemicals, cataracts in eyes, reddened pout lips, thin body, flesh like white bacon
Clarisse McClellan Personal Characteristics
Face as bright as snow and slim, dark eyes
Captain Beatty Personal Characteristics
Pink scorched face, charcoal hair, soot-colored brow, bluish-ash-smeared cheeks
Call styles and think of example for each
Individuality vs. Conformity; Entertainment & & Media; Technology; Knowledge vs. Lack of knowledge; Censorship/Government Control
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