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Fahrenheit 451: Questions Basis


Fahrenheit 451: Concerns Basis

what does the firefighter do in the opening paragraphs of the unique
burning the books
what is the number of the firemans helmet
451 temp paper burns
Whom does Montag face on his method home from the fire station?
Describe the two symbols that are part of the fireman’s uniform.
salamander on arm and phoenix disk on chest
Instead of water, what does the fire pipe spray
What is the girl’s name? How old is she? What weird fact does she add on to the end of her declaration about her age?
clarisse 17 which she is insane
What does her face appear like to Montag?
candle light
What is it against the law to do in this society?
check out books & & being a pedestrian
How are the firemen in this society various from firemen in today’s society?
today stop fire
then burn
Why was Clarisse’s uncle imprisoned?
drove too slow on highway and was a pedestrian
Why are the signboards in this society longer than those in today’s society?
individuals drive too quick to see them
What unnerving concern does Clarisse ask Montag?
are you delighted
is Montag happy
what are the seashells that his wife uses
Radio earphones
what has his wife done to herself
overdosed with sleeping tablets
describe the man who concern clean out Mildred
call handyman
not Dr.
smoke on the job
uses shines get rid of toxin in her
the number of cases comparable to Mildred’s do they see each night
9 to 10
how is Clarisse’s family various from all the other families
brilliantly lit
he hears laughing and talking
how does Mildred act the morning after the incident
imitate nothing took place
describe the TV parlors
televisions on three walls
adult variation of Dora
Describe the test clarisse carries out with the dandelion
rub a flower under your chin and if it rubs off UR in love
explain the mechanical hound
8 legs
delicate nose
green blue eyes
sought people with books injects with morphine incinerator
metal fake animal
implied to frighten others off
what is uncommon about the way the hound responds to Montag
he attempts to assault him and roars at him and the needle comes out
Who is Beatty
fire Chief Capt.
why is Clarisse thought about antisocial
she doesn’t blend
describe the schools on the planet of Fahrenheit 451
extremely violent
do not talk anymore
what does Clarisse discover about people conversations
people do not discuss anything anymore
what takes place to Clarisse
she disappears
what is about to occur worldwide
war is being declared
what is an example of distortion of American history
Ben Franklin did not burn books first
firemen haven’t constantly burned books
what prohibited act does Montag dedicate when he and the firemen burn the old woman’s house
he takes the book
what occurs to the old lady whose house they burn
she set herself on fire because she didn’t wish to leave her books
what does Montag do with the stolen item when he gets home
hides it behind his pillow
explain Montag and Mildred’s relationship
odd he does not remember where they fulfilled and sometimes he believes he’s in the incorrect house
both are empty
Who does Montag referred to as the uncles and aunts the cousins nieces and nephews
people in the parlor couples
what does Mildred inform Montag about Clarisse
that she got run over by an automobile
what does Montag fear is outside his window
The mechanical hound
what is wrong with Montag the morning after burning of the old female’s house
he is ill chills and fever
why is Montag so upset over the lady and her house
he realizes books must be really excellent since that even can’t get her out of her house
when does BEatty state that the firefighter occupation began
after the Civil War
what begins to occur to the classics politics and information in basic
get much shorter
what does Mildred attempt to do what’s Montag speaks to Beatty
what types of reading materials are still allowed
trade journals
what three things does Beatty blame the disappearance of books
mass exploitation
minority pressure
according to BEatty why must books be burned
dread of being inferior
what does Beatty inform Montag the books say
absolutely nothing
profession choice does Montag make before Beatty leaves
that he’s never ever going back to the station house
why are there no front decks on homes
not wanting individuals to simply sit and do nothing
what does Montag show his other half
books stow away
whatdoes Montag plan to do
read them and burn after two days
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