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Fahrenheit 451: Questions to Consider


Fahrenheit 451: Concerns to Consider

Who is Person Montag? What is his job?
fireman who recognizes the emptiness in his life and starts to search for significance in the books he is supposed to be burning
Who is Clarisse McClellan? What color is utilized to describe her?
a lovely 17 years of age woman who presents Montag to the world’s potential for charm and meaning, a castaway from society with her “odd” routines, white to explain
Who is Mildred? How does she practically die? What saves her?
Montag’s other half, breakable and sickly, small-minded, takes a lot of sleeping pills-suicide attempt, a device called the snake conserves her
How is Clarisse’s house various from all the other houses in the city?
it is lit up during the night because they are talking with one another
What is the Mechanical Hound? Why is Montag scared of it?
A dog-shaped robot with 8 legs, made from metal, function is to hunt down and eliminate fugitives who have actually broken laws, Montag’s afriad of it because it threatens and grumbles at him
What is Clarisse’s school like?
TELEVISION class, sports, transcription history, painting pictures, no asking questions, Clarisse considered antisocial
Why do all the firefighters look alike?
due to the fact that society needs that everyone believe and look the same
What illegal thing does Montag do at the smoke alarm on Elm Street?
steals a book
What takes place to the lady whose books are burned?
she declines to leave and strikes a match herself, home increases in flames with her in it
What barriers create distance in between Montag and Millie?
do not engage face to deal with, TELEVISION distracting
Why is Montag so sick? How does Millie respond to his health problem?
since he is extremely bothered with what happened the previous night, understanding he doesn’t like job, Millie seems irritated, not excited to look after him
How does the death of the female affect Montag’s view of the world?
He starts to see whatever connected with his job as horrible, smell of kerosene makes him throw up, realizes that individuals dedicated their life into writing those books
How did the job of the firemen come about? Who decided to ban and censor books?
photography and television made it easier to get info quicker, that made books less popular, some found the subjects in books offensive, finally abandoned argument and started burning books, censorship started with individuals not federal government, lots of stopped reading books prior to they were burned
What was hiding behind the grill of the a/c unit system (vent)?
around 20 books
How does Montag respond to Millie’s concern, “Why should I read? What for?”
Montag feels books will help him out of his ignorance, books can stop people from making the same mistakes as in the past
What is the state of the world and war at this time in history?
2 atomic wars given that 1990, bad state, about to have another war
Who is Faber? Why is Montag searching for him again?
a retired English teacher whom Montag encountered a year ago, coward however smart, Montag wants him to assist him understand what he checks out and reveal his Bible to him
What plans do Montag and Faber create to save their society?
after war, possibility to bring books back, Faber knows someone with printing press, Faber gives Montag his 2-way radio-communicate
What mindset do Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles have about war and their partners’ participation in it?
have actually remarried numerous times, say they aren’t stressed, no big deal
How do Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles feel about having kids? What is their general mindset towards child-rearing?
Mrs. Phelps has no kids– doesn’t want to be troubled, Mrs. Bowles children are at school the majority of the time, she rarely sees them, they obviously do not like children
How do the females respond when Montag reads “Dover Beach” to them?
Mrs. Phelps starts to cry– triggers an inner feeling, she doesn’t understand where it is originating from, Mrs. Bowles declares it to be evil
How does Beatty effort to annoy Montag at the firehouse? How does Faber assist Montag keep his cool?
with literary quotes that confuse him to convince him that books are better burned than read, Faber tells him not to be afraid of mistakes, as they hone the mind
Who kipped down the alarm at Montag’s house?
How does the guidance Beatty gives Montag (“You always stated, do not face an issue, burn it. Well, now I’ve done both”) return to haunt Beatty? Are Montag’s actions warranted?
Beatty decided that he would rather not live, and let Montag burn him, Montag burned Beatty instead of working it out with him– doesn’t necessarily validate actions
What does the incident with the group of teenagers in the beetle show us about Montag’s world?
The teenagers would have killed Montag for no reason, shows how messed up their society is
What act of rebellion does Montag perform before arriving at Faber’s house?
hides the books at a colleague’s home and calls the alarm at a close-by phonebooth
What is Montag’s plan for escape from the city? How does Faber assist him perform the strategy?
to follow the old railroad tracks out of the city, discover camps of intellectuals, Faber provides him old clothes so he’s not identifiable, in addition to instructions
What does the river provide for Montag? How does this tie in to earlier discussions Montag had with Faber?
a cleaning, enables him to think, be devoid of society
Explain the dream world Montag envisions after he leaves the river. What does he realize he really wants?
farmhouse, Clarisse, fresh milk, apples, pears, no hound or Mildred, recognizes he really desires Clarisse (?)
How has the meaning of the fire altered in this portion of Burning Bright (part 3)? How does Montag react to this change?
for warmth, not damage, smells and looks various, Montag stands watching it
Who is Granger?
The leader of the ‘book individuals’, smart, client and confident in the strength of the human spirit, has actually composed a book in the previous
Why is it essential that Montag be eliminated, despite the fact that the man plainly isn’t Montag?
so the government does not embarrass itself by letting Montag get away and leave
How are the book burners in the forest different from the firefighters in the city? What is their inspiration for burning books?
motivation for burning is so they will not get caught, keep all information inside head, not doing it to damage them, doing it to keep themselves safe
What happened to the city after the war? How will the efforts to repair the city be different now than they were in the past?
city blown up, damaged by the bombs, hopefully the influence of books will be spread out when the city rebuilds
How does Granger help Montag survive the hound?
gives him something that will change his chemical index so his perspiration will smell various to the hound
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