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Fahrenheit 451 Scavanger Hunt


Fahrenheit 451 Scavanger Hunt

heit Fahrenheit 451 Scavenger Hunt What is Sci-fi? Sci-fi is a kind that deals primarily with the effect of actual or thought of science upon society or people. If science issues itself with discovery, then science fiction concerns itself with the repercussions of discovery. It is a testimony to the visionary nature of the kind that science fiction authors forecasted the development of atomic weapons and sentient devices. It endures worth though remains in its capacity to ask probing concerns of each new clinical advance, to perform a dialogue with development that decodes its real meaning and exposes it to us.

Isaac Asimov defines science fiction for us. He says, “Modern science fiction is the only kind of literature that consistently considers the nature of the modifications that face us, the possible repercussions, and the possible services. That branch of literature which is interested in the effect of clinical advance upon humans.” It is likewise essential that science fiction must to some level be in accordance with science, it must not be entirely incredible, since it then ventures into the category fantasy.

The border line does get fuzzy with some strange examples of combined magic and technology, but there is still a basic line separating sci-fi and fantasy: whether it is plausible or not. Science fiction was made possible by the rise of contemporary science itself, especially the revolution in astronomy and physics. Early sci-fi authors Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein( 1818 ), Robert Louis Stevenson Who composed Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886 ), and Jonathon Swift Who composed Gulliver’s Travels( 1726 ). The Foundation for Fahrenheit 451

Define Communism (use meaning 2): a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is managed by a totalitarian state controlled by a single and self-perpetuating political celebration. Answer the following questions about McCarthyism. 1. Throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s, what was a main concern for the United States? The Cold War/Red Scare 2. Who implicated more than 200 federal government officials of being Communists? Joseph McCarthy 3. Besides government officials, what other professions were implicated of being Communists and forced to give up working?

Directors, authors, the Hollywood Ten 4. How many artists were blacklisted in all? 320 Answer the following concerns about the Cold War. 5. When did the Cold War start? 1947 6. Who was the war between? United States and the Soviet Union 7. What is the distinction in between a Cold War and a Hot War? A hot war is a physical war, where individuals are physically battling each other using weapons. A cold war is indirect battling … no weapons involved. It’s more political. 8. Why were the US and Soviet Union the only 2 superpowers following WWII?

The United States was the only nation with nuclear weapons and a strong sufficient military, so it was the only superpower. However, the Soviet Union had spies reveal the area of the United States nuclear weapons, therefore the quarrels began in between the 2 nations. 9. Explain the three groups in the Cold War. The United States led the West. This group had countries who were democratic. The Soviet Union led the East. This group had countries who supported communisms. The non-aligned group consisted of nations that did not want to be connected to either the West or the East. 0. Why did the Communist party gain popularity throughout Western Europe during WWII? Having bandwagon by setting up posters and marketing that they transcended. 11. Explain the Truman Teaching. Developed in the US by president Harry Truman and it said the US would provide support such as military political and economic to any nations under risk from the authoritarian forces. Address the following questions about the 1950’s. 12. What production did President Truman authorize in 1950? Development of H-bomb 13.

Recognize the technology that was mass produced in 1950. Cars 14. What was popular in the United States in 1951? Tv 15. What kind of gowns was produced in 1951? Short evening dress with empire bodice and built-out skirt 16. Who were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? They were executed for passing nuclear weapon tricks to the Soviets. 17. In 1953, what was found? DNA (double-helix structure and four nucleotides) 18. What was released in 1954? The first nuclear powered submarine 19. What became unlawful in the United States in 1954?

Partition 20. What historical event took place in 1955? Rosa Parks arrest starts Civil liberty Movement, US military intervention in Iran, and Warsaw Pact offers integration of military, financial, and cultural policy in between eight Communist countries 21. What crucial gadget did Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby invent in 1956? Microchip 22. In 1957 what did Britain do? Where did it happen? What are a few of the ramifications of it today? Great Britain introduced a hydrogen bomb over Christmas Island in the Pacific.

United States and Britain resumed collaborating on nuclear weapons, which likewise permitted Britain access to United States nuclear weapon styles. 23. What did the Journal of the American Medical Association determine as a problem for Americans in 1957? Alcohol addiction 24. What was designed for the US Navy in 1958? Navy launches Vanguard 1 into orbit 25. What ended up being a popular hangout for teenagers in 1958? Movies, drive-ins, and skating rinks (where they held “sock-hop” dances). Censorship likewise played a huge role in the structure of Fahrenheit 451. We will go over censorship in class.

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