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Fahrenheit 451: Study Questions Flashcards


Fahrenheit 451: Research Study Questions Flashcards

why had the mechanical hound been sniffing around Montag’s house
BEatty send it to warn him
Who hires the alarm on Montag’s house
why does Montag remain at the house even though Faber informs him to flee
hound would get him
what will beatty make Montag do after he makes him burn his own house
he’s arrested
what happens to the gadget in Montag’s ear
beatty burns it
what takes place to Montag’s leg
The mechanical hound injected a few of it’s toxin into it to numb his leg
what does Montag do to Beatty
Burns him
what takes place to the mechanical hound
montag sets him on fire
the number of the books endure
what does Montag realize about what Beatty had desired
he wished to die
where is the only location Montag can go to
fabers home
what happens to Montag as he crosses the highway
he almost gets struck by a car
what does Montag do at the blacks house
places replicas of the books and contacts an alarm
where does faber tell Montag to go
to the river
to the hobo camp
Who lives in the hobo camp
harvard degrees
where does Faber strategy to go what will he do there
to St. Louis
how is the community able to follow the hunt for Montag
other communities mechanical hounds and helicopters
why does Montag take unclean clothing from Faber
to keep the smell of Mr. Faber in it the ancient sense of him so the mechanical hound doesn’t smell him
why does the mechanical hound bypass Faber’s home
sprinklers were on
how does Montag get away from individuals who come out of their houses on the count of 10 to find him
jumps in to the river
as Montag leaves the river what does he think is waiting there to get him
what does it end up being
mechanical hound
when he leaves the river where does he show up
along the railway tracks to the hobo camp
whom does he think also strolled along the tracks long back
how does the fire Montag sees vary from the fire he’s accustomed to
this fire is warming it wasn’t burning
Who is Granger
The very first individual Montag fulfilled at the hobo camp
how does he assist Montag alter the chemical index of his sweat
gave an awful tasting liquid that will alter his odor
how does the hound “catch” Montag
News said they catch him however they don’t they got a male that looks really comparable to him and pretended it was him
* they got this guy since they presumed him of having books in his house
explain the males at the hobo camp
wise professionals and most were doctors for intellectuals tidy and cool
what does Montag need to provide the group
The book of discoveries and ecclesiasticals
explain how the guy at the camp are books
they remember the books
what considerable occasion happens when Montag states look
bombs fly overhead
what does Montag remember as he considers Mildred dying
he remembers that they fulfilled in Chicago
why does Montag and the other hobo endure the explosion
they weren’t in the city
at the end of the unique what does montag feel he will use the group at midday
management to assist society & & the Bible prices estimate
explain how man resembles the phoenix
pheonix are reborn from ashes and after war cities are born-again and guy can rise
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