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Faust Legend


Faust Legend

The legend of Faust was a legend that took place in the 1500’s in Europe. Gradually, as the story was informed and passed on through generations, various ideas on what happened were brought up, but the essence of the story is the same for the most part. Among the most interesting aspects of this legend is the reality that though this story is more than 4 hundred years of ages, it is still informed in some modern films to this day. All though it is not always as direct as a deal with the real devil, the same basis of the story can be seen in present day films.

In one of the most successful movies of the year 2000, The Matrix, a Faustian style is evident. The Matrix is a sci-fi film directed by the Wachowski bros. The old legend of Faust is, simply put, about a young scholar who made a deal with Mephistopheles, the devil. Faust was seeking supreme knowledge and in the offer the devil stated he would grant Faust ultimate knowledge in return for his soul. Faust consents to the offer and after a certain period of possessing ultimate knowledge Faust all of a sudden passes away.

There are many different versions of the story as to exactly how he passed away, and some variations of the story enter into more information than others. As time passed, Faustian legends were being told in several stories, various methods. To have a Faust story, 4 basic components should be present: a Faust figure, a devil figure, some sort of temptation, and a price. The Matrix is about a male, called Neo, who was living a typical life, and was greatly into computer system hacking. One day he receives messages appearing on his computer leading him towards a conference with a powerful male named Morphius.

Morphius notifies Neo that the factor that the reason that all of federal agents were chasing him and all of these other things were happening to him due to the fact that he was “the one”. He was look for a greater fact on the planet than what was simply there in his face, and Morphius states that he could show Neo that reality. Morphius then holds two tablets in his hands, one pill would lead him to the fact, the other would simply take him back to his routine life as if nothing ever occurred. Neo desired the reality about the world so Morphius explained it.

He stated that the perception is that our day-in, day-out world is real; in reality, that world is a scam, an elaborate deception spun by all-powerful devices of artificial intelligence that controls us to conceal the truth. This artificial world is called the matrix. The motion picture goes on with high-tech stunts, graphics and visuals about a struggle in between a chosen couple of humans that understand about the matrix, and a group of human-like robotics trying to keep the matrix secret. The Matrix is a variation of the legend of Faust since it handles the very same basic concept.

There is an offer made in which someone tries to seek some sort of personal gain and the offer spoils. The reason that this is a Faustian story is because it has all of the four basic elements needed. The Faust figure is Neo, the devil figure is Morphius, the temptation is the truth, and the cost is his routine life and his understanding of the real life. The Faust figure in the Matrix is Neo. The Faust figure is the primary character, the one who is the recipient of the majority of the action in the story, and the one who is disaster stricken at the end. Neo chose to leave the real world and his understanding of truth to discover of the fact.

When he made that decision he essentially sold his regular life just as Faust offered his soul. When Neo discovered the truth about the world he did not want to think it and he snapped and despite the fact that he did not pass away at the end, it is not constantly a positive thing to understand too much about something when everyone else understands nothing about it. Other individuals would probably not think him and some may even get angry simply as he did if he tried to discuss the truth to the world. The devil figure in the Matrix is Morphius. The devil figure is the character who cuts the Faust figure the offer.

He is generally wicked and out to deceive the Faust figure, though in the Matrix, that is not the case. Morphius is actually on the exact same side with Neo in the movie. The devil, Mephistopheles, and Morphius do have something in typical, that is that they both are wanting to make some sort of individual gain in the deal that they make. While Mephistopheles is acquiring Faust’s soul, Morphius is gaining Neo’s assistance because he requires Neo in the fight with the robot-agents in the Matrix. The distinctions in the two are that Morphius is not trying to con Neo into something bad, he is in fact trying to encourage him to join his team.

The temptation in the Matrix is the truth. The temptation is the aspect that the Faust figure is to get in the offer. In the film, Morphius states that the factor that Neo is the selected one is because all of his life he has had a feeling, some sort of sense that something is wrong with the world. He is uncertain exactly what it is, but he understands it exists. He says this sensation sits in his mind like a splinter in his brain, and that it is that feeling that brought Neo to Morphius. This is the reason he chooses to look for the reality, due to the fact that all of his life he has actually wondered about it, and now is his chance to discover it.

Morphius goes on to say that all he uses is the fact and he says “if you take the blue tablet, the story ends and you get up in your bed and think what ever you want to believe. If you take the red pill, you remain in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The price in the movie is Neo’s regular, everyday life. The rate component is anything that the devil is seeking in the deal or whatever the offer will cost the Faust figure in return for the temptation. The price of Neo losing his everyday life and identity is not as major as in the Faust legend where the rate was the soul, but the concept still remains in impact.

The main difference in the film is that at the end, Neo is still alive and still has what he got in the offer that was made, which is the fact. Though the Matrix is indeed a Faustian story, overall there are many differences. These differences do certainly make a statement about our present day society and changing times. When the Faust legend took place, something that would have been of great worth at that time was ultimate knowledge. It makes good sense at a time when innovation was minimal and the world was searching for knowledge, supreme understanding would be something that a person would wish for.

As times change so do the stories from those times, and though supreme knowledge would be of fantastic value in present times also, it appears like something that is old made in our present society. In a world of innovation and computer systems, something like the style in the Matrix is more interesting to see than the old Faust legend. If they recreated the Faust legend and made a movie of it, nowadays it would probably seem boring compared to something like the Matrix where computerized special effects and digital sound innovation can be put to use in a reasonable story about the future and innovation.

That is how much society has actually changed because the Faust legend, no longer is selling your soul for knowledge popular and essential as it was in those times. People would rather see Keanu Reeves evade bullets in slow movement, and fly through the air tossing martial arts kicks that he discovered by having it configured into his brain by computers. These modifications that have actually happened from the original Faust legend to the modern variations send a message about how our society is constantly altering. For instance in the initial tale of the Faust legend, Dr.

Faust is referred to as an outcast in some variations and almost as if he is sort of a bad guy, in the Matrix the Faust figure, Neo, is made out to be a hero and he is given extremely, non-human powers that are impossible. He is depicted as a hero since of his function in the film as “the hero” who kills all of “the bad people” when it appeared as if they were indestructible. Though these powers are made to appear as if they really are possible with certain types of innovation. This describes how in today’s contemporary movies, there needs to be a hero of some sort. Our society makes it important.

If filmmakers made a movie of the specific Faust legend in its initial type today, they would most likely want to make Faust a hero of some sort. If someone could return in time and show this movie to people that understand of the Faust legend back in around the 1700’s, it would make absolutely no sense. It would appear like a whole lot of unrealistic trash to those individuals, however in present times, though the Matrix is extremely futuristic, it practically appears as if it could be possible. The whole concept of the movie plot seems dazzling and makes individuals question themselves to whether or not this principle might really be possible.

The links between the Matrix and the Faust legend can be seen throughout the whole film. Even though the story of the legend has actually gone through a number of modifications in time, it is really fantastic how a story that most likely is not even true still comes into use in society today. The Faust legend is used in other circumstances besides just films, stories, or plays; it is also seen in daily situations for individuals. There are many ways in which a Faustian style can enter into play in daily life. For example, any one who has actually ever sold themselves out for something, gambled, or done drugs has remained in a Faustian circumstance.

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