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Gender Based Discrimination in the Novel Things Fall Apart Essay


In regions specifically where hardship and lack of knowledge are prevalent, individuals are generally be in dispair. Residing in such difficult conditions and being unable to eliminate the circumstance, the guy is tend to discharge his suppressed resentment by using strength on his houshold. The guy who is not satisfied with his achievments and do not have self-respect in his social life, attempts to develop domination over ladies through agression. Therefore masculanity is related to agression and violence.

Which situation results in discrimination and dispute between the two genders.

But regrettably, the gender-based discrimination takes place all over, even in the western, industrialized nations that are thought to be closest to a perfect contemporary egalitarian treatment for ladies. Although western females have legal liberties, the right to vote and to own property; they still do not take pleasure in full equality with males, nor are they socially valued or respected as guys.

The idea of ‘gender based discrimination’ may be evaluated in the aspects of; interpretion of gender, domestic life of females, ladies & & sexuality and the functions of males, among various times and cultures.

Based on the unique ‘Things Break down’ we deduce that in Nigerian community females led a domestic life, supervising of breeding their kids, cooking and serving to their hubbies in addition to not being able to participate the social life and events, while the guys are in charge of taking all decisions about the community. (Chapter 10, pages 77-78 )

Also, a guy’s power was determined by his physical strength. If one hasn’t got a name by bloodshed he was called as agbala which also implies lady. As a concequence of being a strong men, they frequently beat and threaten their better halves. Similarly, plural marital relationship is extensive and virginity is thought about as a merit. Since a female is not valuable herself, she is always explained whether as a child or a better half of a man. If she requests for divorce, her hubby wants the bride-prize he had returned, which is extremely insulting as the marital relationship ended up being a trade.

This ideology is also widely seen in Turkey and lots of other Middle Eastern nations supported by “the ethnic morals”. In backwoods many women are being eliminated due to chastity by her kins. In cities, althogh they work more than guys they are less prefered and less paid. Needless to say that, these barriers can only be passed over with the presence of the more informed people who have the ability to establish healthy relationships with ladies. Because of that both gender should understand their rights and worths in the community.

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