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In The Crucible childrens lies lead to allegations of witchcraft and the breaking up of a community Essay


In “The Crucible” children’s lies cause claims of witchcraft and the separating of a neighborhood. Why do individuals lie and what can the repercussions be?

The word lie indicates “an incorrect declaration intentionally presented as being true” according to the American Heritage Dictionary, and it’s an extremely typical habit in everyone. When it pertains to lying, we can discover white and normal lies. White lies are often harmless, whereas regular lies can be unsafe because of the various consequences they might have.

In this essay I’m going to present 2 arguments discussing the reasons why lies are utilized, which are to protect their track record or get themselves out of a jeopardizing situation, and to have an intention in order to commit an act of revenge or violence. Then, I will offer 4 examples relating to the book “The crucible” and contemporary events, which I will then compare.

One of the main reasons individuals utilize lies is due to the fact that when they are accused of something that can get them into difficulty, the very best option at that minute appears to be rejecting their acts.

Nevertheless, lying can have serious consequences depending on just how much you twist the truth when doing it, and even if it does not make much sense, people are actually familiar with what can happen later on but considering that they feel there’s no other choice, they lie anyways. A clear example of this can be discovered in “The crucible” by Arthur Miller, where a group of women are caught performing witchcraft, and some dancing naked around a fire. In the time of the book, dancing was strictly forbidden and witchcraft was a matter no one attempted to go over. For that reason, anybody being related to any of these would be punished.

The group of girls had a leader who was Reverend Parris’ niece, Abigail, and whose cousin, likewise in the group, was Betty, Parris’ child. They were carrying out witchcraft in order to get males to fall in love with them, however Abigail threatened the other women making them lie about their actions so that she wasn’t punished. Although they could have disobeyed her, informing the truth would have likewise endangered them given that they had actually also participated in the occasion. This huge lie caused several incorrect allegations versus many innocent people whose families were torn apart due to the fact that of the entire scandal, and also messed up crucial individuals’s reputations in the society.

An example of modern would be the Lewinsky scandal which first broke on January 17, 1998, essentially involving the then existing president Bill Clinton and one of the White home’s staff members, Monica Lewinsky. It began as reports in websites, but individuals appeared to be extremely interested given that they concerned the nation’s leader. Clinton denied whatever a million times as we can see in the following declaration: “… I wish to say something to the American individuals. I desire you to listen to me. I’m going to state this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never ever told anybody to lie, not a single time; never ever. These claims are incorrect …”

However, after more examinations, evidence such as tape-recorded tapes and a gown of Lewinsky’s stained with his semen were considered and it was concluded that President Clinton had certainly, had sexual relations with her. Overwhelmed by allegations and strong proof, Clinton lastly admitted on August 17, 1998, to have had an improper physical relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Although Clinton’s other half forgave him, many people had a new opinion of their president and lost some respect for him.

These two examples reveal us how far an individual would go to safeguard their credibility or leave an issue, being absolutely self-centered given that many times lies like these can benefit you while hurting others. We can see this because Abigail didn’t care who was punished for something they didn’t do as long as she was safe, and President Clinton was possibly trying to protect his family from separating but in my viewpoint, he was just trying to secure his reputation as an important entity.

Another reason why individuals lie is because they sometimes need an intention to injure somebody else, being this for vengeance or simply pure envy. We frequently see people dedicating murders and harming others in any way possible because they look for vengeance and/or envy them. Some are so intense about their sensations that they are indifferent to the effects their acts might lead to and would rather go to prison or perhaps pass away as long as they have pleased their ill desires. On the other hand, we have people who do care about what might take place to them when performing inappropriate actions, reason for which they look for any motive possible. However, sometimes there isn’t an intention at all, so they have to develop one and they lie by starting reports and offering false statements in order to accomplish what they desire.

We can see this in “The Crucible” when Abigail lies about carrying out witchcraft and makes other people take the blame. When in court, she provided Mary Warren a poppet with a needle in her stomach, and informed her to give it to Elizabeth Proctor in order to frame her so that she would be blamed of witchcraft and that method, Abigail could take her place as John Proctor’s other half.

A modern example is the Big lie Bush developed against Iraq. He claimed Sadam Hussein had in his power weapons of mass destruction and would utilize them on America. Nevertheless, this was not real and it was proved after comprehensive examinations. Bush made these accusations due to the fact that he wanted to assault Iraq however he didn’t have any excellent reason, so stating they were going against the U.S.A. made it practically obligatory to attack them back.

These examples reveal us that when an individual wants something, lies can sometimes help get it, like Abigail who attempted to make a false accusation against Proctor’s wife, whose place she wanted to take. The same happened with Bush, who desired so bad to take revenge on Iraq, he invented a lie about Hussein. This plainly reveals a specific selfishness from both given that they have no interest at all about anyone but themselves.

In conclusion, we can say lies are all around us at all times and often we require them but it is not right to utilize them. In the previous examples, this affirmation is verified, revealing us the consequences lying can result in.

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