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John Proctor is the tragic hero of The Crucible Essay


‘ He is showing he will stop at absolutely nothing to get her out of jail and reassuring Elizabeth that she has absolutely nothing to worry about. In this scene some of his actions nevertheless can be shown to be un-heroic such as the way he treats his servant Mary Warren, this is shown when he states to her’ I will bring your guts into your mouth’ recommending that he will kill her but in a more vicious manner than is truly needed. This estimates however makes a stronger influence on the audience as Mary Warren is still rather young and is sobbing and its not exactly brave to reduce a young girl to tears.

Act 3 is among Proctors most brave scenes, it reveals him withstanding a very close knit court, Abigail and all the other accusers, particularly when he confesses to his affair with Abigail, which for anybody to do in front of a court must be very hard.’ I have actually known her sir, i have understood her’ this means he had sex with her.

I think Miller composed the character of John Proctor as himself writing the play which is standing up to McCarthyism in the way Proctor is standing up to the court.

By informing the court about him and Abigail Proctor reveals he is so eager to release his other half that he risks putting himself in prison for adultery which is brave since he is sacrificing himself for what is right, even though he knows his spouse is safe for a year due to the fact that she is pregnant he still goes through with his claim as he understands it is the ideal thing to do. Another action that proved him heroic was his gentleness towards Mary Warren after the harsh words he stated to her in the last act. In act 4 proctor is yet again very heroic and this scene is where the awful part can be found in since he dies.

Proctor though slightly sways towards confessing to witchcraft he states’ i want my life’. This shows he is not confessing since he is guilty he is confessing because he wishes to survive and be with his partner and children. He does however while he is admitting refuse to offer any names so he can conserve his good friends’ i speak my own sins; i can not judge another’ this is showing just because he was being weak and confessing to being with the devil he will not condemn another individual to an awful fate which he ends up having when he is hanged at the end of this scene which is where the play ends up being tragic.

In conclusion i believe John Proctor is an awful hero since although he did some un-heroic things such as having an affair and often being unnecessarily vicious he came through in the end, he attempted to conserve his pals and other half, took on the court and took on Abigail. All those things reveal he helps, is honest and defends his cause which are all quality’s of a hero.

He is a terrible hero since in the course of being a hero he passed away. This is not the only terrible part though, the reality that nothing originated from his death for a long time is also terrible, although Abigail flees he still gets hung because of how society remained in that time and also the court was to embarrassed to confess had actually been fooled. It was only a long time later that the court lastly admitted everything.

This comes back to the factor Miller composed Proctor as he was. In the intro of the book there is a quote from Miller saying’ the political question for that reason, of whether witches and communists might be corresponded was no longer the point. What was manifestly parallel was the guilt, 2 centuries apart, of holding illegal, reduced sensations of alienation and hostility toward standard, daytime society as specified by its most orthodox elements.

‘ This shows that Miller is not comparing witches and communists, he is just showing how carefully related Americas mindset was towards both and how they implicated the ‘standard, daytime society’ of crimes they had absolutely nothing to do with and how Miller, like proctor, was running the risk of whatever to make a point. Olivia Lee 11. DM Show sneak peek just The above preview is unformatted text This student composed piece of work is among numerous that can be discovered in our GCSE Arthur Miller area.

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