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Journal Entry for “A Rose for Emily”


Journal Entry for “A Rose for Emily”

1. What shocked you most about this story? Why?

The problem that surprises me most about Miss Emily is that her circumstance grew worst to the degree of killing her lover.according to the writer, people has actually been thanking god that at last miss out on Emily will get wed without knowing that her present state has degraded to the degree that she does not even have any fear for human life once again.

2. How would you define Emily? Simply put, what does she appear like and what personality type does she seem to have?

According to the passage Emily is a simple mild plump Negro lady with a small stature, she was law abiding, given that the then mayor stated no Negro lady need to be seen outside without an indication of tax payment, so she did not go outside considering that she knew she had actually not paid her tax. She was not quickly angered but with prolonged argument she was offended and this why she insulted the agent send out by the city authority about her tax. She was of phlegmatic character due to the fact that she was so reserve, moody and kept to herself. Even when her lover died she kept him inside your home without stating a word to anybody.

3. How do we learn about Emily and what happened to her? Do you discover this kind of story-telling, or narration, effective?

We learnt more about Emily due to her psychotic characteristics, what to gain about her is to watch out for such individuals in the neighborhood and rapidly assist them prior to they leave hand, I am rather sure that the dead of her dad will have likewise contributed to her dilemma, so any body aggrieved either from loss of enjoyed among any other factors should be monitored effectively and looking after so that they do not go psychotics.

This type of story works though it needs crucial reasoning and a little bit advance however, the massage is extremely clear and basic.


Entry for ‘A Worn Path’

1. What was your general response to this story? Were you intrigued by where Phoenix’s journey would lead her or were did reading about an old female walking down a course bore you? Were you surprised by the ending?

Although the story was interesting, I did not see any interesting or incredible thing that phoenix did, the story was a bit dull, no suspense and no action all was just about an old female strolling from one location to the other. The end of the story is not extremely clear to me, she came all the method from really far location to get a drug for her grand child and she was likewise stating some other things which I do not understand however generally, the story was not that heart touching.

2. What were your general feelings toward Phoenix? Did you feel pity for her and her grand son? Was that pity deepened when Phoenix reveals that shed forgotten why shed entered into town?

Phoenix was a old female that has a great affection for her grandchild, she was likewise a dedicated and a determined female who will never allow any interruption to stop her from accomplishing her heart desire. I indeed pitied the condition of the grand child for I understand that for her to have actually done that for the kid then that indicates that his condition was at a critical phase. Due to the aging and her experience along the road, I will not blame her for not keeping in mind the factor she embarked on such journey, but in the real sense of it the condition was not that awful or harmful because of what the old woman showed in the medical facility.

3. Could you connect to Phoenix on any level? Did she advise you of anyone you understand?

Yes her action advised me of an old woman who was sent out to by among her children to come because they needed her urgently, she dressed up and got to the car park, she boarded a bus and after lots of hours the bus chauffeur asked where she was going to and she might not keep in mind the location where her kid lived, she was even not able to state the reasons she boarded the cab in the very first instance. This reveals that it is a typical practice for the old individuals to forget things quickly

4. What is the implication of Phoenix’s growing senility?

Her growing senility will make her to act like a kid most times; her thinking will be in so low as compare to how a kid will reason. She will not have the ability to handle many circumstances that she has been dealing with previously. Her sight will be deemed, while her speech will be blurred. The mental retardation will also be identified by lost of both short-term and long-lasting memory.

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