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Love & Hate: A Rose For Emily


Love & & Hate: A Rose For Emily

sign for modification
“she was sick for a long time when we saw her once again her hair was cut short”

style: control can be out of love

characterization of her daddy

“we remembered all the boys her dad had repelled and we understood that with nothing left she would need to hold on to that which had robbed her”
symbol for old south


dust (shows preservation) and the decay of old way

age and decay

symbol for death of the old south
emily’s death and tobe leaving
theme and irony
“bad emily”
fight between old south and new south
narrator being a man
“ladies” “female cousins”
storyteller being a woman


important of emily

understands both point of views of the old South and the brand-new South
perpetuation of the old methods
“miss Emily just stared at him her head slanted back in order to look him Eye for eye until he averted and went and got the arsenic”
symbol for homer
allegorical for conservation of the south
“she looked puffed up like a body long immersed in still water”
allegorical to how the community sees her as a statue
“like the carven torso of an idol in a niche”
breaking the barrier between the old and new south
“and we noticed that in the second fellow was the indentation of a head …”
symbol for old south
grotesqueness of Emily’s room

sign for homer

emily protected him in their space

allegorical for how the town maintained her and your home

“upon the valence drapes of faded increased color, upon the rose shaded lights”

driving force of everything that happened
private vs. society
type of dispute
emily is open to change however she maintains homer
nobody new when homer passed away vs. everybody knowing when emily died

in some cases individuals do insane things out of hate for the impression of love

Society can force someone into a role that they don’t want and it can cause them hurt

there’s a fine line between love and hate

themes pt 2

sometimes the victim becomes the victimizer

lack of liberty can affect somebody’s psychological health

preservation can end in sorrow

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