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Mice and Men, Fahrenheit 451


Mice and Guy, Fahrenheit 451

2 books that I have actually read this year are Of Mice and Men and Fahrenheit 451. These two books have characters that emerge out of a state of emergency situation. There were lots of factors that triggered these characters actions, however the main one was that they both lived in a world in which the federal government censored their understanding. While Guy Montag and V both emerge in similar methods, they both have their different functions in their world that lead them to their introduction. Montag is triggered by initially being a part of the federal government and then understanding that he is the one that is censoring the world.

V is a victim of the federal government all his life, and he can not take it any longer, he must take a stand. Montag is a fireman that burns books. He censors the world from reading them and acquiring the understanding held within them. He originally believes in the government and does not have an issue with his task. In fact, he enjoys what he does. He strongly believes in what the federal government is doing, he also believes that what they are doing is the right thing to do. He is wed to his spouse Mildred who fell into the plan of the federal government.

She does exactly what the federal government desires its citizens to do. The federal government starts massive book burning so that it’s residents will only understand and think what they want them to think. This is denying individuals of their freedom. Montag winds up creating this big strategy to topple censorship. With the aid of Faber, he wishes to start releasing books again. He does not desire the past to go away, he does not desire the government to manage their opinions and thoughts. He winds up being a fugitive from the law and falling victim to the government.

His only choose now is to flee from society and await the civilization to collapse and construct from the ashes. V is a victim of the law all his life. He enjoys his task which is truly battling the government and attempting to restore the flexibilities that the government has actually stripped them from. He invests his life using terrorist strategies to eliminate the oppressive society. He saves a woman called Evey from the secret authorities and after that she ends up joining him on his quest of toppling the federal government. V’s society is filled with corruption and ruthlessness.

V creates a plan to blow up the Parliament on November the 5th. V is not sure if he is on the trip side or not, so he lets Evey perform the plan. His plan was to destroy the corrupt society they reside in and develop a new, fair, and among freedom from the ashes. V and Montag both emerge in comparable methods due to the fact that of the position they are put into throughout the story. They both live in a censored world. The government prevents them from knowing what truly goes on. They both wind up becoming fugitives of the law for various factors.

V becomes one since he now has an enthusiastic hate for the government for something dreadful they did to him in the past. Montag becomes a fugitive since he as soon as was doing the dirty work of the government, avoiding the world from knowing the reality. He winds up recognizing what he is doing is wrong and tries to overthrow censorship by doing the complete reverse. Instead of ruining books, he then tries to publish them. V lives by himself, he likes to keep to himself and do what he thinks is right.

He ends up emerging by creating a plan to overthrow the dystopia in which he lives in, however instead of carrying out himself, he has someone else do it for him. He converts Evey into having the exact same hatred of the corrupt federal government that he has. He is beginning the start of a revolution that will offer people their flexibility back. Montag emerges by recognizing that he is the issue not the solution. He then stands up for what he thinks is right and does the ideal thing, which is giving people back their liberty.

But by defending this, they both were forced to leave society and reside in their own. They had to hide from the society that they were both once apart of. Both characters think in the theory of the phoenix. They want their society to collapse and rebuild from the ashes of it. Develop it all over again, and this time make it right. Both characters needed to defend themselves, no one was going to do it for them. V and Montag had to take action and overthrow the government on their own. But on the way they transformed others to join them and do the same.

V and Montag emerged from their own states of emergency in a few of the exact same methods. They both reacted in the very same sense, they could not let the federal government censor their own ideas, actions, and opinions any longer. They were both put in a few of the same situations. Both of their governments believed in the theory of “lack of knowledge is happiness.” But V and Montag might not fall into the deceptiveness of their government. They had end this, they had to decide for themselves, but more notably, for their entire society.

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