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My Beloved World Chapter 18 Summary


My Precious World Chapter 18 Summary

Sotomayor gets rid of a Phi Beta Kappa invitation believing it is a rip-off to collect subscription charges. Her friend Felice Shea insists she accept. Felice, the child of 2 college teachers, understands “all the ins and outs of academic community” and guides Sotomayor through her “blind areas” (178 ). After Sotomayor is awarded the Pyne Reward, Felice discusses it is “the highest award that a graduating senior can get” (178 ). Felice and her mother assistance Sotomayor select a $50 fit for the awards dinner, “the most pricey attire” Sotomayor has ever owned (179 ).

The award’s dinner excitement fills her with the feeling that her hard work has “paid off” (179 ). Friends and family go to in droves, consisting of nearly “every living Hispanic who had actually ever finished from Princeton,” all “overruning with pride and friendship” (179 ). The Pyne Prize is granted both for “outstanding scholarship” and leadership that serves “the very best interests of Princeton University” (180 ). Sotomayor’s deal with the Disciplinary Committee along with Accion Puertorriquena and the Third World Center all factor into her receiving the prize.

In her speech, Sotomayor states that the “greater purpose” of the latter two groups is to “cultivate a connection in between the old Princeton and the brand-new” (180 ). She expresses this in her speech to encourage future trainees to” [b] uild bridges rather of walls” (181 ). She graduates Princeton and will attend Yale law school in the fall. Junior is pre-med at New york city University. Though focused on their own lives, the brother or sisters have actually become shared respect and the understanding that they can always rely on each other.

Sotomayor spends the summer between college and law school conducting research study at the Equitable Life Insurance coverage Society’s Workplace of Social Obligation, located in Manhattan. Also that summertime, she and Kevin wed. Wishing to avoid her aunties’ and cousins’ mistakes, Sotomayor had actually not planned to marry young, however it makes good sense for Kevin to accompany Sotomayor to Yale since his graduate school strategies are uncertain. In her Puerto Rican neighborhood and his Irish one, that could not occur without their marrying.

Celina wants her child to have the elegant wedding event she did not, and Sotomayor caves to her mother’s desires regardless of her choice for an easy affair. Surrounded by family on her wedding day, Sotomayor is advised of “those celebrations from [her] youth that [she] missed a lot” (186 ). They dance “into the wee hours,” then she and Kevin spend lavishly “on a space at the Hotel St. Mortiz overlooking Central Park” (186 ). While the extravagant wedding was not as bad as she had feared, Sotomayor advises her cousins to “skip the pageant and take the cash, however” [n] obody listens” (186 ).

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