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New Ending: A Rose for Emily


New Ending: A Rose for Emily

Then we noticed that in the 2nd pillow was the indentation of a head. One of us lifted something from it, and leaning forward, that faint and invisible dust dry and acrid in the nostrils, we saw a long hair of iron-gray hair. After the mortification diminished of the unbelieving faces, Wilson Jackson, the new authorities chief of the town, discovered the letter on the chest. It was attended to Miss Emily Grierson. Using the title Miss informed us that it was not a letter of love.

We all aimed to Chief Jackson as what to do next. “This is evidence he said,” attempting to sound as main as possible.

“Come off of it, Wilson. The female is dead. It does not matter one little bit,” insisted Mayor Curtis.

With a disgusted look on his well tanned middle-aged face, Chief Jackson brought up the flap of the already opened yellowed letter. He pulled out the vulnerable paper, and through the thin letter we might see what looked like the heavy hand of a man’s handwriting.

“Don’t simply stand there gawking, Wilson. Read it to the rest of us.” The mayor demanded.

Chief Wilson cleared his throat and began:

Miss Emily Grierson, I will kindly accept your invite to supper on Thursday night. I’m pleased to see that you are still friendly with me after our last conference. I hope that you now remember that I never ever discussed marriage to you. In fact, I have actually constantly made it recognized to everybody that I’m not a marrying male.

I feel that this is reasonable since I have no intention of being true to any woman. The truth is that I take a trip, and I have every intent of having fun in every town I work. Emily, I care enough about you to be incorrect to you, for that reason, I could not wed you. I hope that we can have a beautiful evening without further conversation of the matter.

You won’t be as alone as you stated the last time we talked. Have you forgotten the time that I walked in on you and Tobe? I know that in our world this is not accepted, but he is so devoted to you, I understand that he will never ever tell. I believe that he will be dedicated to you up until the day that you pass away.

I will not ever forget how much enjoyable we had while we were together. I will see you on Thursday at eight o’clock sharp.

Homer Baron

“I don’t believe that this needs to be seen by anyone else,” Chief Wilson stated as he ripped the letter into shreds.

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