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Othello and His Guilt


Othello and His Regret

Othello’s sensations of guilt arise from his manipulated understanding of Iago’s character. Throughout Othello, Iago produces this perception to all that he is an honest and virtuous male, when in fact he is manipulative and harmful. This false perception even tricks Othello into thinking he is entirely to blame for Desdemona’s death, when in truth Iago incorrectly announces her of extramarital relations to Othello. This deception makes Othello abandon reason and language, which enables his inner mayhem to take control of.

For instance, the psychological collapse within Othello starts to establish when Iago informs Othello that the handkerchief in which Othello had offered to Desdemona in the past remained in the hands of Cassio, and he is led to believe that Desdemona and Cassio were perusing a secret relationship. In Act 4 scene 2, Othello tells Desdemona” Come, swear it; damn thyself; Lest being among heaven, the devils themselves ought to fear to take thee.

For that reason be double damned;” which demonstrates that Othello begins to doubt Desdemona’s honesty. Despite them trusting each other throughout the play, Iago’s manipulative tactives trigger Othello’s doubt. Another piece of evidence supporting Othello’s rage is seen in the following quote from Othello in Act 4 scene 1, when he claims” Get me some poison, Iago, this night. I’ll not expostulate with her, lest her body and beauty unprovide my mind once again– This night, Iago! Thus, Othello had actually once again been encouraged by Iago’s naughty actions so convincingly that he is pressed to act and eliminate Desdemona. Regrettably, Othello’s feelings of guilt over his actions never cease considering that Iago is never ever incriminated. In other words, Iago’s successfully pulls off his plan of adjustment purely because his character and his virtue aren’t questioned by Othello nor anyone else throughout the play. Othello undoubtedly suffers the quilt instead of feeling outrageous for believing in Iago so confidently. -M. Ball

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