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Othello – Iago Character Analysis


Othello– Iago Character Analysis

Iago, in Shakespeare’s Othello, is a tricking character because he informs lies in order to get what he wants. He connects with people only to manipulate them, but most significantly he never reveals his true feelings or motives. Iago might state things that recommend what his intention is, however he quickly contradicts himself with another suggestion making it extremely hard to understand him. Although Iago’s true intentions can not be figured out, some intentions could be jealousy, the enjoyment of seeing people suffer, or power.

Iago’s jealous of Othello and Cassio due to the fact that he believes that both of them slept with his spouse, Emilia. In Iago’s very first soliloquy at the end of act 1, Iago says that Othello may have slept with his better half and even though this is a rumor, he states that he will think it. Then in his 2nd soliloquy at the end of act 2, scene 1, Iago restates and once again says that Othello slept with his spouse, the only distinction is that now he believes Cassio has slept with his better half too because he thinks that Cassio is a “appropriate man” and a playboy.

So, this appears to be a driving force for Iago to ruin Othello and Cassio. Iago’s jealousy towards Othello quickly develops into a jealousy towards Cassio too since Othello selected Cassio as lieutenant instead of Iago. Iago believes that he ought to be lieutenant because he has actually combated by Othello’s side in battles and since he has real war experience, whereas Cassio found out all of his methods from books. So, he is envious because he didn’t get the task, but he is mad since he thinks that Othello made Cassio his lieutenant because Cassio assisted Othello wed Desdemona.

Iago doesn’t understand anything about percentage, suggesting that if he has been wronged he will bring justice to himself by providing the perpetrator a punishment that does not match the criminal offense. In this case, Iago wasn’t selected as lieutenant; for that reason, he wants to torture Othello and Cassio mentally and then kill them. This might be the outcome of his hatred and jealousy. Another intention that may trigger Iago’s behavior is that he is a sadist; he similar to enjoy watching other people suffer.

Iago is a really creative individual and he delights in seeing how morons make fools of themselves. Among these idiots is Iago’s “pal,” Roderigo. Roderigo is a typical wealthy, Venetian aristocrat who is incredibly in love with Desdemona and he has actually provided Iago the job of assisting him woo her. Iago uses this to his benefit, despite the fact that Iago utilizes Roderigo to destroy Cassio and Othello, he gets some amusement by viewing Roderigo bound around and go nuts over Desdemona. Iago likewise finds it amusing when Roderigo wishes to go eliminate himself after he discovers that Desdemona married Othello.

There are numerous times throughout the play where Roderigo should have known that Iago was simply utilizing him for cash and some laughs and given that Roderigo doesn’t detect this, Iago can utilize Roderigo to his advantage. Power is probably the most crucial motive. Iago is really conniving and smart and he can use this to manipulate people. It is clearly seen that Iago thrives for power since he likes manipulating individuals so that they doe precisely what he says. He does this to Roderigo many times, like when Iago tells Roderigo to provide him all of his cash and when he persuades Roderigo to eliminate Cassio.

He even controls Othello to the point that Othello presumes his partner and decides to kill her. Iago’s thirst for power is also seen when Cassio is selected to be Othello’s lieutenant due to the fact that this was, supposedly, the basis for his vengeance. He really wished to be lieutenant because it is a really high position and with it comes a great deal of power and Iago shows that he would do anything to get that sort of power. Therefore, among Iago’s motives might be that he has an incredible thirst for power.

In conclusion, numerous believe that Iago is just a psychopath, which is real to some extent; nevertheless, he is also really clever and smart. If he wasn’t creative he would not be able to carry out his vengeance because he would not be able to manipulate anybody. The likely intentions– power, sadism, jealousy and anger are some factors for why Iago is psychotic, however it is almost difficult to determine his real motives from the text. Even though this may be true, Iago does suggest these motives and all of them are supported by the text, however even this might be among Iago’s tactics because no one can truly understand Iago.

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