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Othello Persuasive Methods


Othello Persuasive Approaches

There are 3 major approaches of persuasion, pathos, logos, and values. These methods have actually been used frequently from Shakespearian times up until today by competent writers, to encourage readers into thinking a certain thing or idea. In Shakespeare’s play, Othello, Iago the antagonist, Iago, uses the techniques of persuasion including principles, pathos, and logos to prove to the tragic hero, Othello, of his wife’s disloyalty. There are lots of ways that Iago Manipulates Othello with principles, or image, a really important convincing method.

Iago states, “Or to be naked with her pal in bed” (4. 1. 3). Iago is trying to fill Othello’s mind with images of Desdemona naked with Cassio. This makes Othello’s jealousy grow. Iago states, “Male must be what hey seem; or those that be not would they may seen none!” (3. 3. 126-127). He is stating that if a man is not real, he is not a male at all. This makes Othello believe Cassio is not a guy for concealing his relationship with Desdemona. Iago persuades Othello to think his better half is cheating with Cassio by making him visualize it.

Another technique that Iago uses to encourage Othello with is pathos, or enthusiasm. Iago uses this technique to his advantage. Iago states to Othello, “I make certain it was your better half’s– did I today see Cassio clean his beard with” (3. 3. 435). Iago declares that he experienced Cassio utilizing Desdemona’s handkerchief to clean his beard. He is lying to Othello to make him believe that Desdemona handed out the scarf, to Cassio. Othello states, “Within these 3 days let me hear that Cassio’s not alive” (3. 3. 469).

Othello falls under Iago’s trap and now desires his good friend Cassio dead. Othello must not put all of his trust in Iago, however should talk with Desdemona and Cassio initially before taking such harsh actions. Iago is making Othello have a strong feeling of hate for both Cassio, and Desdemona. Iago likewise utilizes the approach of persuasion, logo designs, or logic. This approach is frequently used today, and by Iago, and works extremely affectively. Iago says to Othello,” [Desdemona] did deceive her daddy, weding you; and when she appeared to shake and fear your appearances, she loved them most” (3. 206-208). Iago manipulates Othello by informing of a sensible factor for his wife’s extramarital relations. He is trying to state that if Desdemona betrayed him once in the past, she can quickly betray him again. Iago says, “In sleep I heard [Cassio] state, “Sweet Desdemona, let us be wary, let us hide our likes!” (3. 3. 416-417). Iago is claiming that Cassio confessed his love for Desdemona in his sleep. This is another piece of “proof” that Desdemona and Cassio have a secret relationship together.

Although this was incorrect, it appeared rational, due to the fact that individuals frequently say things in their sleep, in some cases things that are not wished to be heard by others, or secrets. This story ends unfortunately, because of Iago’s usage of pathos, ethos, and logo designs, the 3 techniques of persuasion. He manipulates Othello exactly how he planned, to the point where Othello murders his partner, Desdemona, and soon after he understands his mistake, takes his own life. This proves that jealousy can and will take control of one’s life, thus becoming a green-eyed beast.

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