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Othello Questions


Othello Questions

!.?. !? Act 1 Scene 1 Questions 1. From Roderigo’s very first speech it appears that he paid Iago for something? Can you inform what it is? So that he will assist win over Desdemona’s heart 2. Iago state he dislikes Othello for what factor? Iago hates Othello due to the fact that he didn’t get the promo and Michael Cassio did and Iago thinks he is the one who deserves it 3. What does Iago say of Cassio? Iago states that Cassio is undeserving as he has no experience and just has book understanding 4. What 2 kinds of fans are there, according to Iago? The loyal who will follow their leader to death and the ones who will act like that however are actually plotting against him 5.

Shortly after this, Iago speaks about appearance and truth. He concludes “I am not what I am”. State what preceded that line and explain it. Iago says that he 6. How do Iago and Roderigo stir up difficulty? They wake Brabantio and tell him that Othello is stealing his child 7. What is Brabantio’s reaction? He is truly mad 8. What does Brabantio say that this circumstance reminds him of? His dream 9. Why does Iago ensure he leaves before Brabantio comes out of your home? So that he still looks faithful to Othello 10. Earlier Brabantio has actually told Roderigo that there is no way that Roderigo appropriates Desdemona.

What does he say to Roderigo after he discovered her and Othello? Act 1 Scene 2 Concerns 1. Why does Iago say he wanted to eliminate Roderigo? What factor does he provided for not killing him? Iago wishes to kill Roderigo since of all the dreadful names he had actually called Othello and that his mindful held him back 2. What is Othello’s action? Othello says that it was excellent he didn’t eliminate him and it is much better in this manner. “‘T is much better as it is” 3. Why is Othello not concerned about Brabantio’s wrath? He thinks that whatever he has actually done for Cyprus will assist calm down Brabantio “My services … will out-tongue his problems” 4.

Iago informs Othello that Brabantio and his friends are coming and it is best if Othello enters into your home. What is Othello’s response? “Not I; I should be discovered. My parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall manifest me appropriately”. Othello is stating that he has everything choosing him that Branbantio can’t do anything to stop him 5. The Lights turn out to be carried by Cassio. What message does he bring? Cassio informs Othello that the Duke requires him and demands his existence right away as there is a war coming. “The duke does greet you, basic, and he needs your haste-post-haste look even on the immediate” 6.

As Othello will leave for the Senate, Brabantio and his fans appear and draw swords. How would you explain Othello when he responds? Othello is very calm as he responds to Brabantio. “Were it my hint to fight, I need to have known it without a prompter” 7. Of what does Brabantio accuse Othello? Brabantio implicates Othello of witchcraft and magic to get Desdemona. 8. Brabantio wants to arrest Othello and hold him in jail up until he can be given court? What forces him to change his plans? Brabantio alters his mind because Othello requires to go see the Duke. 9. What is Brabantio’s new plan?

To go to the Duke and tell him all that Othello has done and bewitched his child. Act 2 Scene 1 1. What images (e. g. racial, cultural, and animal) is being utilized in line 10? Racial 2. What images is being utilized throughout the soliloquy? Offer 2 examples (quotes). Racial 3. What does Iago think Othello of? (lines 10 -11) Sleeping with his other half Emilia ‘For that I do suspect the lusty Moor/ hath leap ‘d into my seat’ 4. What is the primary message of this soliloquy and how is this provided through images? Iago plots for revenge and uses racial images to 5. Why does Shakespeare use soliloquies?

Gives the audience an insight into the characters thoughts Act 2 Scene 3 1. What reasons does Iago give for motivating Cassio to consume? Some friends desire them to come and consume for Othello ‘that would/ fain have a step to the health of the black Othello’ (2. 3. 26-27) 2. What does Iago state and do when Othello arrives to make himself look innocent? He defends Cassio and says that he does not know who started it ‘I do not understand.’ (2. 3. 160) 3. What makes Iago a villain in this scene? Iago can easily play a buddy and constantly look sorrowful yet behind their backs he is plotting versus them.

Iago is seen as truthful, ‘honest Iago, that looks dead with grieving’ (2. 3. 158) and 4. Try to equate Iago’s key speech line by line if possible line 303– 329. Remember we can’t know precisely what Shakespeare meant so it’s up to you !!! How can somebody say I am evil when I do a great deal of fantastic things? Act 3 Scene 3 1. For what two reasons does Desdemona consent to plead Cassio’s case? Cassio and Othello have been buddies for so long and Desdemona would dislike to see that go to squander ‘You do like my lord, you have understood him long’ (3. 3. 10-11) and Desdemona believes Cassio to be an honest guy. What is Iago describing when he states, “Ha! I like not that.” Cassio leaving quickly when Iago and Othello shows up so that he can plant a seed of doubt about Cassio and Desdemona’s relationship ‘Cassio, my lord? … I can not believe …/ that he would steal away so guilty-like,/ seeing you coming’ (3. 3. 38-39) 3. Desdemona pleads Cassio’s case, and Othello agrees to reinstate him. What happens next? Othello starts to distance himself more and asks Desdemona to leave him alone ‘I do beseech thee, …/ leave me however a little to myself’ (3. 3. 84-85) the seed of doubt has been planted 4.

After Othello repeatedly prompts Iago to inform what’s on his mind, Iago says “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;/ it is the green-eyed beast, which doth mock/the meat it eats”. What is Othello’s action? Othello desires proof ‘I will see before I question; when I doubt, show;/ and on the proof, there disappears however this:/ Away at once with love or jealousy’ (3. 3. 193) 5. What does Iago say about ladies of Venice? Iago thinks that all women are deceivers and do everything for sex ‘In Venice they do let God see the pranks/ they attempt not show their spouses’ (3. 3. 203-204) 6.

Why might Othello be inclined to believe this, or a minimum of, not dismiss it instantly? Desdemona tricked her father so she might easily do the very same to him 7. Who echoes Brabantio’s earlier cautioning to? Iago retells Brabantio’s warning to Othello to get his point throughout about women ‘She did deceive her daddy, weding you’ (3. 3. 208) 8. In his duplicitous (deceiving) style, what strong statement does Iago make about Desdemona and Othello? That Desdemona will quickly get tired of Othello and go for an upgrade, Iago also states that Desdemona will choose somebody white and realise her mistake for marrying a black guy’ 9.

Desdemona’s handkerchief ends up being and essential piece of phase business. Why did Desdemona produce it? What happens to it? What does Emilia plan to do with it? Lastly, who gets it, and what is to be made with it? Desdemona believes Othello is sick ‘I have a discomfort upon my forehead’ (3. 3. 286) and grabs the scarf to dab his forehead but Othello pushes it away which makes Desdemona drop it. Emilia then picks up the handkerchief to provide to Iago who wants the handkerchief ‘My stubborn hubby hath a hundred times/ wooed me to take it’ (3. 3. 294-295) 10. Othello returns and is rather upset at this moment.

What caution does he provide Iago? 11. What proof of Desdemona’s disloyalty does Iago provide Othello? Iago heard Cassio speak about Desdemona in his sleep ‘I heard him say, ‘sweet Desdemona,/ let us be wary, let us hide our loves.” (3. 3. 420-421) 12. What is Iago’s last proof? He saw Cassio use Desdemona’s scarf ‘such a handkerchief-/ I make sure it was your spouse’s- did I today/ see Cassio wipe his beard with’ (3. 3. 448-449) 13. At this point what is Othello’s state of mind? Othello is murderous and remains in need for blood ‘O, blood, blood, blood’ (3. 3. 453) 14. Othello makes Iago his lieutenant.

What job is Iago to perform? Make sure that Cassio is not alive within the next 3 days ‘within these 3 days let me hear thee state/ that Cassio’s not alive’ (3. 3. 472-473) Act 3 Scene 4 1. Why does Desdemona not want to confess to Othello that she lost the handkerchief he had offered her? Desdemona knows how valuable the scarf is to Othello and understands he will be dissatisfied if she lost it, it was Othello’s very first gift to her ‘think me, I had rather lose my bag/ filled with crusadoes’ (3. 4. 21) 2. Why does he demand to see the handkerchief when he already understands that Desdemona does not have it?

Iago has planted the seed of doubt and he just wishes to make sure that what Iago has stated is true and by Desdemona not producing the handkerchief he understands that Iago was right ‘fetch me the handkerchief. My mind misgives’ (3. 4. 85) Desdemona lies to him making matters even worse 3. When Cassio asks Desdemona about his suit, what does she inform him? Desdemona informs Cassio that now is not the correct time to raise his case as Othello is not himself at the moment and says that he will need to be patient ‘my lord is not my lord … you must awhile be patient’ (3. 4. 119-123) 4. What does Desdemona think is the cause of Othello’s anger?

What point does Emilia raise? Desdemona thinks that there is some political issues occurring here in Cyprus that destroyed his good mood however Emilia informs her that he is envious ‘hope paradise it be state matters, as you believe,/ and no conception nor no jealous toy/ worrying you’ (3. 4. 149-151) 5. State the 2 factors Bianca is disturbed with Cassio. Bianca believes that he is cheating on her with another ladies ‘this is some token from a more recent pal’ (3. 4.) and due to the fact that Cassio keeps brushing her off for other things that are occurring in his life ‘keep a week away? Seven days and 7 nights?’ (3. 4. 167)

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