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Othello Study Guide Questions


Othello Study Guide Questions

Othello BACKGROUND INSTRUCTIONS: You are not needed to respond to these questions on paper. Nevertheless, I highly suggest you research study and discover the responses to the following questions in order to better comprehend the play. 1. Who were the Moors? 2. Who were the Venetians? 3. How were the Moors/ Venetians concerned in Shakespeare’s day? 4. What were the military duties of ranked officers? 5. What was the military hierarchy? 6. What was the role of ladies? 7. What was expected of a bride-to-be? 8. What relationship between men and women were thought about above reproach? 9. What guidelines for marrying existed at the time of the play? 0. What were the rules of courtship? Othello STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS INSTRUCTIONS: You need to answer each of the following concerns. Keep in mind that your responses will differ in length. Some questions contain several questions; make sure to respond to all parts of a concern. Some concerns ask you to explain, explain, or offer examples. Pay close attention to what each question is asking and make certain to answer accordingly. KEY IN TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 POINT FONT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED AND VALUED. Act I Scene i 1. Describe the sensory information of the opening scene: sights, sounds, smells, and so on 2.

Why do Iago and Roderigo get up Brabantio? Why is Brabantio mad? Why does Iago slip silently away as soon as Brabantio comes down? 3. Describe the relationship between Iago and Roderigo. Who appears to be ‘in control’. Discuss your very first reaction to each of these characters. 4. Discuss why Iago states he requires to get vengeance on Othello. Do you think he is validated? Why is the need for revenge so effective. and for that matter, such a popular subject of contemporary music/movies? 5. How does Iago act when Desdemona’s father appears at the window? Why does it take so long for Brabantio to determine what is going on?

Why doesn’t Iago just inform him what occurred straight out? Scene ii 1. How does Iago lie at the beginning of this scene? 2. Is Othello afraid of Brabantio? Should he be? 3. What do you learn more about Othello’s background from this scene? How do you discover that info? 4. Why has the Duke required Othello? How can you tell that Othello is highly concerned in military circles? 5. Why is Brabantio so versus having Othello for a son-in-law? Does he seem to blame his child for running off with this man? Would he feel in a different way if Desi had run off with another man? Scene iii 1.

How does Desdemona respond when Brabantio confronts her? What other approach to the problem could she have taken? 2. How does the Duke appear to feel about the problem of Desi and Othello? Who do you think he has compassion with? 3. According to Othello, when did Desi and he fall in love? Why do you expect they kept their love a trick? Does this sort of behavior fit his character as he has been described so far? 4. Like Othello, Roderigo remains in love. Explain the distinction between the two fans. What is it about Roderigo that makes it easy for Iago to manipulate him? Act 1 Prediction 5.

What does Iago plan to convince Othello of at the end of Act I? How do you believe he will achieve this? Act II Scene i 1. Describe the occasions surounding Othello’s arrival in Cyprrus. Why is Desdemona nervous before he shows up? 2. How does Cassio deal with Desdemona? Exists anything about this exchange that might help Iago push forward his strategy? 3. What suspicions does Iago have about his own other half? What does this show us about Iago? 4. How can you inform that Cassio is devoted to Othello? Does there appear to be any jealousy or disloyalty there? 5. Explain Iago’s feelings towards ladies and love in basic. 6.

How does Iago handle to encourage Roderigo to provoke Cassio to a fight? What is the real reason Iago wants the two to fight? 7. Why does Iago state of Desdemona “Now I do like her too”? Scene ii 1. What is the state of mind of this scene? 2. Why the celebration? How is the celebration going to help Iago? Scene iii 1. Discuss how Cassio gets intoxicated, although he understands that he can’t hold his alcohol. 2. How does Cassio respond when Iago begins to go over Othello and Desi’s sex life? 3. What do Cassio and Roderigo argue about? How is the guv of Cyprus involved? Act III Scene i 1. What is the setting of this scene?

What is the mood? 2. How does Iago get Dedemona and Cassio together? 3. What is ironic about Iago’s remark to Cassio that he will “create a way to draw the Moo/out of the way, that your converse and organisation/ May be more free”? 4. How does Cassio know that Desdemona has already talked to Othello in his behalf? What do you believe he arranges to meet Desdemona, then? Scene ii 1. How does this scene reveal you that Othello is a busy guy? 2. Why is this a good time for Iago to act? Scene iii 1. Why does Cassio leave Desdemona in such a hurry? Why does Iago point that out to Othello? 2.

Why is Desi so happy to defend Cassio? Do you think she goes to far? 3. When does Othello very first start to question Desdemona? Do you think most recently wed other halves would be as simple to fool? 4. How does Emilia get Desdemona’s handkerchief? Why does she give it to Iago? Do you believe Emilia has any suspicions that her husband might be approximately no excellent? 5. How does Iago press Othello over the edge in his doubts about Desi’s fidelity? What is the “clinching” piece of evidence put forth by Iago? What do you think Othello would have done if he found that Iago was lying at this moment?

Scene iv 1. How does Emilia respond when Desdemona inquires about the handkerchief? What do you suppose she is thinking at this point? 2. According to Othello, what is the history behind the handkerchief? Do you think he has exposed this details to Desi prior to? 3. Why is Bianca mad at Cassio? How is her anger like Othello’s? What sort of relationship do Bianca and Cassio have? 4. Up until now, who thinks that the scarf is special? Is it really supernatural? Who thinks so? 5. What is Emilia’s viewpoint of guys? How does Desdemona’s viewpoint vary? Whose side are you on? 4.

What guidance does Iago provide to Cassio after he is benched? How might this recommendations, which Cassio takes, play right into Iago’s strategy? 5. Explain how Iago’s plan appears to be progressing … what other occasions could occur that would play right into Iago’s strategy? Act IV Scene i 1. Why does Othello fall unconscious? 2. According to Iago, why is Othello luckier than lots of other males who have been cuckolded? Do you concur with his thinking? Would you rather not know if someone had betrayed you? 3. What is Cassio saying to Iago, as Othello stands hidden? What does Othello believe he is saying?

How is this all part of Iago’s plan? Why do you suppose Othello does not confront Cassio ideal then? 4. According to Iago, why should Othello strangle Desdemona rather than toxin her? What do you believe his real factors are? 5. Why do you believe Shakespeare has Othello welcome Lodovico to Cyprus with the expression “goats and monkeys!” Does Lodovico recognize that Othello is distressed? Scene ii 1. Why does Othello summon Emilia– if he is not going to accept her testimony? Why do you think Emilia didn’t speak up earlier? 2. How does Desi react when Othello calls her a slut? How does she discuss his behavior to herself?

Are you stunned she does not act in a different way? 3. How can you tell Desi trusts Iago? Is she being more ignorant than most females would have to do with he backbiting? 4. How does Iago plan Cassio’s murder? How does he encourage roderigo that Cassio must die? Why do you believe he involves Roderigo instead of managing it himself? Scene iii 1. Why do you think Desi obeys Othello so meekly when he sends her to bed? Do you believe she has any suspicions that he plans to hurt her? 2. Has Desi fallen out of love with Othello? Would you? 3. How is the story in the “Willow song” like Desi’s life? 4.

How does Emilia feel about the double requirement that uses to men and women? Does Desi concur with her? 5. What does Desi mean when she states, in the closing lines of the scene, “Excellent night, Great night. God me such usages send/Not to select bad from bad, but by bad repair!” Do you concur with that viewpoint? Act IV Forecast 6. What could possible take place now to make Othello see the mistake of his ways? Act V Scene i 1. How is Roderigo killed? 2. Why does Othello think that Iago has carried out his promise to eliminate Cassio? What do you think Othello would have done if he had realized that Cassio was merely injured?. How can you inform that Lodovico and Cassio– like most others in the play– think that Iago is truthful and brave? 4. How does Iago cast suspicion on Bianco for Cassio’s injuries? Why, do you expect? What do you think Cassio’s response to this is? 5. How does Emilia react to all this violence? Scene ii 1. How can you inform that Othello still loves Desdemona and does not wholly want to eliminate her– moments prior to he does? Is there any method that Desdemona could have avoided him from eliminating her? Do you think she resigned herself to die, in the end? 2. Why has Emilia come?

Why do you think Desdemona does not tell her the reality prior to she passes away? 3. When does Emilia realize that her spouse is behind all this? How does she react? Does she feel guilty for her own part in it? 4. Whay does Iaog eliminate his other half? Do you think he has any is sorry for about that? Why didn’t anybody stop him? 5. How does Othello pass away? Why does he want to die? Why wasn’t he deactivated? If he hadn’t died, what do you believe would have occurred to him? 6. What will happen to Iago now? How do you believe he feels about being captured? What scenarios do you think would have made this ending more gratifying?

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