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Othello Tragedy Essay


Othello Catastrophe Essay

The story of Othello is a traditional tragedy with a main character, whose tragic defect lead’s us to his death. In Othello, it teaches us life lessons to prevent these tragedies. As the play develops, the scenarios intensify, and we are shown a story of a powerful guy who falls from grace. Othello’s tragic flaws lie with his irritable character traits. Throughout the play, we get a sense of these traits completely mode. His most irritable quality is his pride.

By being overly prideful, Othello frequently jumps to conclusions and reacts fast, when trouble comes his way, instead of solving or medaling into these issues first. Othello speaks in his soliloquy stating that he would “rather be a toad And live upon the vapor of a dungeon Than keep a corner in the important things I like For other usages. “(page 54, line 270-273), which show’s us that without proof, he is currently doubting Desdemona and the love that they have shared. If Othello, would have conquered his pride at this minute in time and simply asked Desdemona to explain, this issue could have easily been solved.

This teaches reader’s a lesson that excessive pride can also cause damage and that with interaction problem’s can normally be repaired. In a basic story, us as reader’s desire a story to end on a favorable note, and go from bad to excellent, or a minimum of worse to much better. In Othello, like all other tragedies’, the story from beginning to end, does the total opposite. Rather than Iago’s truth dominating rather his lies end up being more prominent and Othello’s jealousy grows stronger.

Iago blatantly lies when he states “I understand that; however such a handkerchief– I make certain it was your other half’s- did I to-day See Cassio clean his beard with?” (pg. 57, line 438-439). Othello gets pressed so far that he tells Iago, “Get me some toxin, Iago, this night” (pg. 67, line 207), which is the planning of his death for Desdemona. We see Othello start to lose his power and strong stance as an essential figure, throughout the play. Othello strike’s Desdemona in front of Lodovico who is a Venetian nobleman and other people have high status.

After Othello acts in such a way, Lodovico reveals that Desdemona is “Truly, an obedient woman.” And he states “I do beseech your lordship, call her back. “(pg. 68, line 250-251). Othello is likewise lowered and put to pity by Emilia when she states “O, the more angel she, And you the blacker devil! “(pg. 83, line 136). Othello is an extremely unfortunate story with many life lessons in avoiding tragedy. It is a story utilized to get insight, which is why it is a conventional catastrophe, like many other Shakespearean play’s.

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