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Othello .. Who Is Really Responsible?


Othello. Who Is Truly Responsible?Who is responsible for the

death of Othello? That is the concern any investigator would have an interest in hearing the response. As a lawyer, all my proof indicate Othello’s expected right hand man, Iago. There are numerous reasons that I feel that Iago is the primary person accountable for the terrible deaths that incur in such a short amount of time however the most obvious would be that he is an apparent sociopath. A sociopath can be described as someone impacted with a personality disorder made apparent by being overly aggressive, violent and antisocial thoughts and habits and a lack of compassion.

Dealing with this disease and not knowing made Iago a really cold and computing man with no respect for anyone, especially his exceptional officer and supposed best friend Othello. Unfortunately, Othello really believed that Iago was a devoted buddy and because of that Othello gave him all of this trust. Understanding this, Iago totally benefited from Othello and outwardly displayed the image of the photo ideal friend. Nevertheless, internally, Iago was flaring with hatred towards Othello and Cassio and everybody else for that matter.

The hatred mainly returns to when Othello was to make the descion of who would be his second in command and when Cassio was given that title it drove Iago over the edge a lot that he was willing to do whatever it takes to get that position he believed he so truly should have. As life went on, Iago was always at Othello’s side and was constantly offered to manipulate any scenario in Othello’s life so that Iago always came out the hero and everyone else the bad guy.

He was especially good at having fun with Othello’s feelings when it came to Desdemona. Iago understands that Desdemona is the love of Othello’s life and utilized his severe jealousy issues and insecurities about their relationship to his benefit. Like Iago stated in the play,” Enjoy your wife. View how she is with Cassio. Just watch- don’t be either entirely suspicious or totally trustful. I wouldn’t wish to see you made the most of because youre such an open and trusting person.

Beware!” (p. 145) With that being said, you can see how excellent Iago was at taking something so little and blowing it out of proportion to turn Othello against anyone who is not Iago. Numerous would say that Othello was not murdered that he in fact committed suicide. I believe that without the help out Iago, Othello would not have passed away the way that he did. Iago is no various then the bullies that tease fellow trainees and after that those bullied kids go house and devote suicide.

Iago put a lot of outrageous and far fetched concepts in everybody’s head that it was difficult for individuals to not think him since he came off as this trustworthy and noble guy. Then there is the murders of Roderigo, Desdemona and Emilia. Not just did Iago get into Othello’s head but he also damaged Rodrigo. Iago had the ability to control poor Roderigo, who was young and foolish man that was in love with Desdemona as well. Iago used Roderigo’s emotions and eventually got to him so desperate that Iago had the ability to talk him into killing Cassio.

Rodrigo was not anticipating for Cassio to be wearing armor and therefore being unprepared and anxious was eliminated by Cassio. The death of Roderigo might have been prevented if Iago was not so convincing in his guarantees. He played with yet another persons head. As we understand Iago understood Othello effectively and had the ability to make Othello’s jealousy grow and get out of control to the point that Othello actually killed his beloved better half. I think that if not for Iago and his powerful words Desdemona would not have dealt with such an unforeseen death by the hands of her caring spouse.

Then there is Iago’s other half, Emilia. Emilia was Desdemona’s servant and really close friend. Emilia was likewise really untrustworthy of her other half, Iago. As she specified when speaking of her husband to Othello about what has been stated about Desdemona,” If he stated that then I hope his malicious soul decays in hell forever. He’s lying through his teeth! She was too connected to her filthy marital relationship to ever do such a thing like that!” (p. 287) Then there is the tried murder of Cassio. Iago tried many various maneuvers to have him out of the image for good.

Iago relied on young and silly Rodrigo to perform his plans of murder simply since Iago was too cowardly to look after it by himself. He encouraged Roderigo that killing Cassio would bring him that much closer to sealing the deal and finally getting the woman he wished for, Desdemona. Iago was not anticipating that Cassio would be using armor and Iago definitely was not expecting the only injury that his bane would sustain would be leg injury and a lot more so that Cassio would survive.

In conclusion, I believe that Iago is a guy that is guilty of numerous criminal offenses. He is guilty of murder of Roderigo, he is of three counts of conspiracy to commit murder, three counts of motivating a criminal offense and failure to report a criminal offense. While in the play, Iago was sentenced to whatever abuse was thought about by the males in power. Today, on the other hand, Iago would deal with not only jail time but more then likely would face the death sentence. I believe that would have been the best penalty for a male with such a cold and determining disposition.

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