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Persuasive Essay on John Proctor from the Crucible Essay


Who is John Proctor? Is he is a hero, a bad guy, a conqueror? Some may think he is craven, however others might credit him with terrific perseverance. This brave guy was among lots of who craved what he believed in. Although many individuals attempted to persuade him to do otherwise, he stood his ground and passed away an innocent male. John had numerous reasons for choosing what he did. At first he was going to confess to conserve his life and be with his household.

When Danforth made him sign the paper so he could publish it on the Church doors, Proctor lost it. “It is my name! Due to the fact that I can not have another in my life! Since I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have actually provided you my soul; leave me my name!” is something he shouted to the court right after signing the paper.

It was his name that they were taking away from him and it was the only one he will ever get. His children will carry on that name, and if they publish his it up for everybody to see, his reputation will be messed up. Proctor is looking out for his boys, so they can carry on the household name with good track record.

Proctor had a right to not want his name up on the church doors. He didn’t want everybody seeing that he had confessed that he was a witch. John is expected to be the man everyone in the town looks up to. He didn’t desire them seeing that he had devoted a sin so he could keep his life. He felt there was no need for them to utilize him to get other individuals to follow in his steps and lie. Proctor said to the court,” You will not use me! I am no Sarah Good or Tituba, I am John Proctor! You will not utilize me! It is no part of redemption that you need to utilize me!” As an outcome of all this anger, John rips up the paper he signed. That being the case, John Proctor was hanged for the assumptions of being a witch. I understand you all are outraged by the consequences of all this, but Proctor made the ideal choice. He was worried about having his “confession” made public. He was mostly scared that his sons would never ever respect him and would think about him as craven for providing into the court. He craved the good of his household, not himself.

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