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Psychoanalytical Approach to Frankenstein


Psychoanalytical Method to Frankenstein

Psychoanalytical Approach to Frankenstein Definitions -The Id, Ego and Super Ego description here- Question Obsessive Character A male who desires glory and fame Ambitious Independent Realistic Intellectual Question His involvement with Elizabeth While producing the creature His research studies Question Perspective on life His mentors Concern His character is similar to walton Walton is his previous self Elizabeth and Henry are viewed as foils; he thinks that their keeping him from being successful in reaching his goal. Question Victor is lonesome, terrified, not knowledgeable about the world around him Weak mindful

Takes a look at moral values/human principles with little regret Question The author is attempting to prove to us that Victor is not insane, that he’s doing this for science. The author constantly returns to Victor on how what he is doing isn’t best but he continues to do it. Question He sees himself as smarter and above everybody else around him. He knows that he has an obsessive character which he makes himself ill but he does not stop. Question Walton listens to Victor’s words and follows them. He considers Victor’s words suggestions. The author desires the readers to see Victor as a hero however the readers see Victor as insane and crazy.

The other characters such as, Henry, Elizabeth, and his dad, desire Victor to be pleased and return to regular. Question “I welcomed her, however as I inscribed the very first kiss on her lips, they become livid with the shade of death; her features appeared to alter, and I believed that I held the corpse of my dead mom in my arms;” (Page 59) This shows that Victor’s mind has lots of death and decay. His fascination with bringing people back to life and developing the creature triggered him to have all these thoughts. Concern Victor and the Production both have inner hate for each other.

The creature is pushed away by Victor. We can see when the creature eliminates all of Victor’s liked ones that there is a conflict in between them. Victor is miserable and passes away on the boat with Walton and the animal kills himself. -Focus Group Main Question here- Memories of their Past Victor’s Past “No person could have passed a better childhood than myself!” (Pg. 37) He had a good youth He was spoiled by his parents The Creature’s Past Abandoned Unloved Lonely He was angry and disappointed Defects in Character Victor Frankenstein Can’t control his obsessive personality No sense of self worth

No conscience Think about himself as much better, smarter and above everybody else Isolation The Animal Unforgiving No soul or heart Not a real human being Raised with no love or respect He is not normal Isolation Lonely Intimidating, unsightly, and frightening -3 rd focus group name title here- Victor was isolated from society and loved ones while dealing with his research studies, so he didn’t take note of mankind until he produced the creature. After developing the creature and seeing how grotesque and abnormal his creation was he lastly began to appreciate what individuals would think about him and his research studies.

The creature was angry at Victor for abandoning him. His hatred towards Victor triggered him to be upset and seek revenge versus his friends and family. -4 th focus group name title here- You documented this “Dies, his experience to kill the animal was over, he was relieved and to Walton to complete him off.” Not quite sure what you suggest by that. Simply text me what you indicate by that and I will repair this. -Discussion Question here- We have the most sympathy for the creature because Victor dealt with the beast really severely. He left him alone in the world.

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