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Reading Journal – The Crucible


Reading Journal– The Crucible

The play is embeded in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. The report that Betty is the victim of witchcraft is running fast in Salem, and a crowd has gathered in Parris’s house. John Proctor, a regional farmer, enters Parris’ home to join the women. Reverend Hale is an intellectual man, and he has studied witchcraft thoroughly and starts to question Abigail about the dancing in the forest, but Abigail keeps that the dancing was not connected to witchcraft.

Under severe questioning, she insists that she did not call the devil but that Tituba did. Tituba keeps that another person is bewitching the children because the devil has many witches in his service. Hale calls for the marshal to bring irons to apprehend the accused witches. I picked reverend Hale because in the first act he is sure of himself, understanding and actions he has a glowing of security.

Hale goes into in a flurry of activity, bring large books and forecasting an air of fantastic understanding. a tight-skinned, eager-eyed intellectual. This is a precious errand for him; on being called here to determine witchcraft he has actually felt the pride of the professional whose distinct understanding has actually at last been publicly required. “(30-31) In this chapter I simulated how Hale was presented, with authority. What I really did not like is how Abigail rejects everything that she did. My impression of her is that she? s a hypocrite. I liked how huge the role of Betty was even though she didn’t speak that much.

My favorite quote of this chapter was Hales? “we will need research study if it pertains to tracking down the old kid” (34) It stuck out to me due to the fact that even though this character represents security and understanding up until now I picked up how ignorant Hale was due to the fact that he actually thought that he was pursuing the devil. The 2nd act happens in the common room of Proctor’s home 8 days later on. John Proctor returns from a day in the fields and welcomes his spouse, Elizabeth. They make little talk. Elizabeth is disturbed to understand that Proctor and Abigail were alone together, but Proctor outrages at her suspicion.

Mary Warren gets in, and gives Elizabeth a poppet that she made in court that day. Mary reports that thirty-nine people are detained, and Goody Osburn will hang, however not Sarah Good because she admitted. “I pick the character Proctor. I can not speak but I am doubted, every minute evaluated for lies, as though I enter a court when I come into this house” (52) I chose this line due to the fact that Proctor was early described as sincere, upright, great male however he tricks his wife having an affair with Abigail not just is cheating on her however likewise lying and he? s serving as a victim whenever his partner interrogates him.

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