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Reasons for the Frequent Suicide Attempts in Fahrenheit 451


Factors for the Regular Suicide Attempts in Fahrenheit 451

Suicides occur at an alarming rate in the book Fahrenheit 451; nevertheless, the people who devote suicide tend to vary in their personal qualities. There are two standard kinds of people called into view in the book: they are the martyr and the apathetic. The 2 groups differ considerably, and at first so do their reasons for suicide, for instance the martyr die for a cause -in this story they are dying to save books- and the apathetic appear to pick suicide due to dullness. Yet, these 2 groups are in fact dying for the same reasons.

They are committing suicide due to misery within their society, their anticipated habits, and oppression. Fahrenheit 451 is set in a dystopian state with a police state. In their society books have actually become prohibited and are believed to be the source of debate and evil. However, there are some citizens who risk their lives, and take their own, to conserve the books. These characters, such as the female, will end up being martyrs to bring attention to the cause. Beatty justifies that the firemen must not care, “besides these fanatics always attempt suicide” (36 ).

All of the firemen besides Montag are fine with watching the old woman eliminate herself; nevertheless, Montag is not, so he tries to persuade her not to dedicate suicide. He is not successful and is entrusted the irritating thought of “there needs to be something in books, things we can’t think of, to make a woman remain in a burning house” (48 ). By that easy idea being planted in Montag’s mind the old female’s objective was complete. Nevertheless, if it had not been for Mildred’s attempted suicide, Montag would not have been any different than the remainder of the firefighters.

When Montag meets Faber his thinking for having an interest in books is “My wife’s dying (…) somebody who may have been a friend was burnt less than twenty-four hours ago” (77 ). It is known that Mildred’s tried suicide influenced Montag’s decision, however why did she attempt suicide? The answer is simple, she has been reduced by many forces; the federal government, her existing society, her ‘household’, and even Montag, that she no longer has the need to live due to the fact that everything is provided for her, so why should she trouble living? Boredom does not even begin to explain her life, and she is not alone.

Most of her society lives the exact same method and the majority of them feel the like her. It is shown when the handyman says “We get these cases 9 or ten a night (…) all you need is two handymen, tidy up the issue in half an hour” (13 ). Suicide is so common, that even it has actually lost its shock worth. Between the oppression, the anticipated behavior of them, and distress in their society it is no wonder why a lot of them end up being depressed and effort and prosper in suicide. It does not matter if they are a martyr or an apathetic; the factors for suicide are the same.

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