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Romeo and Juliet and The Notebook


Romeo and Juliet and The Notebook

Fate is the events that are predetermined to take place in the future of a person or thing. Fate is the advancement of occasions outside an individual’s control, considered as figured out by a supernatural power. The Movie texts Romeo and Juliet and The Notebook are based around the styles of fate, fate and “star crossed fans.” The two couples in the movies, Romeo and Juliet and Noah and Allie both fall madly in love however due to scenarios such as class, society and household neither of these couples are predestined to be together without a fight. By defying their destinies both couples select a fate that was not initially designed for them.
The Film text Romeo and Juliet has to do with two people Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet who meet and quickly fall in love at a party. The only problem is that they are from two opposing households. The 2 wed in secret however before they can inform their households and broker the peace in between the families, Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin Tybalt and events start to spiral towards the young couples eventual demise. Romeo and Juliet were plainly “Star crossed lovers”. “Star-crossed lovers” is a phrase describing a pair of fans whose relationship is frequently thwarted by outside forces. From the moment they satisfied Romeo and Juliet were not predestined to be able to live gladly together however neverthelessRomeo and Juliet defied the stars and broke their households. “Is it nevertheless? Then I defy you, stars!”(5.1.24) [CITATION Sha97 l 3081] Romeo and Juliet understood that they could not be together however they believed that their love was strong enough so to develop their own destiny. Similar to Romeo and Juliet, Noah and Allie defied their predetermined fate.
The two enthusiasts Allie and Noah were “star crossed lovers” because class, wealth and household kept them apart. The Notebook is about a male named Duke reading a love story to an old lady. The primary problem that the fans dealt with in the story he informed was their various social standings. The love story Duke told had to do with a pauper named Noah and an abundant lady called Allie who fell in love throughout the summer however due to their separate social standings they separated. After seven years apart they reunited and immediately fell in love once again. As soon as once again Allie has to choose between social standing and love. In the end she chooses a life of love and monetary uncertainty over being abundant however dissatisfied. In the movie Noah said “It’s not about following your heart and it’s not about keeping your promises. It’s about security” [CITATION Rya04 nl 3081] Noah understood that Allie was questioning their love because of social factors. In the end Allie picked to stick with Noah because she enjoyed him and she wanted to be with him forever. Not only were the couple “star crossed fan” but they likewise had to handle the displeasure of their families.
When it comes to Romeo and Juliet their households were arch competitors and sworn enemies. When Romeo and Juliet discovered that they were from opposing families they did not care. They remained in love and wanted to be together whether their families authorized or not. “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love And I’ll no longer be a Capulet”. (Act 2, scene 2) [CITATION Sha97 l 3081] What Juliet was trying to say with this declaration is that they like each other that much that they want to defy their households to be together. In The Note pad, Noah’s Father is really supportive of the couple’s relationship despite the fact that he knows that is really not likely that it will work but Allies moms and dads are not as supportive. Allies Mom desired Allie to marry a rich guy so that she will be well off for the rest of her life. When Allie and Noah reunited she discovered that Noah had actually composed to her when she left. “I wrote you 365 letters. I composed you daily for a year.” Allie challenged her Mother about the letters when she concerned get Allie but instead of taking her back to her fiance she took her to see a male she had actually liked prior to she had met Allies father. Allies mum chose cash over love. Hearing her mom’s story helped Allie make her option between Noah and her future husband. By defying the will of their households both couples had embeded in series a set of occasions that would either end excellent or badly for the young couples.
As anticipated at the start of the movie a series of occasions began to unravel as an effect of the young lover’s actions. After killing Tybalt, Romeo was eliminated from Verona. So when he heard news of Juliet’s death her hurried to see her remains in the church. Because the couple were not predestined to live happily he just missed out on the letter explaining that Juliet had actually faked her death. From the minute they satisfied at the party and tried to produce their own destiny their fate had been sealed. There was no way that the 2 might be together but rather of accepting the truth that it would never work they defied their destiny and created a new fate for themselves however it went terribly. When Juliet woke in the church she found Romeo dead beside her. She understood that they only way they might be together for eternity now, was to take her own life. By defying fate Romeo and Juliet’s story ended tragically but in the case of Noah and Allie defying their predetermined fate did not have a terrible ending.
After returning together Allie and Noah lived happily together for the best part of the rest of their lives. They got married and had kids and Grandchildren. Defying their fate offered Allie and Noah a long and delighted life together. It was not up until many years later on that they were separated once again. Allie got dementia however unlike in Romeo and Juliet Allies fate had absolutely nothing to do with them defying destiny. They bothmoved into a nursing home, Noah told her his name was Duke and read their love story to her daily hoping that one day she would keep in mind him.After Allie had a turn for the worst Noah was prohibited to see her in case it triggered her to get worse. The night they both died Noah snuck into Allies space and she understood him. They lied in her bed and talked.”Allie: Do you believe our love, can take us away together? Noah: I think our love can do anything we desire it to.” Since Allie and Noah had defied fate and produced their own destiny in the final moments their love had actually helped Allie keep in mind Noah and let them pass away together holding hands.
Both Romeo and Juliet and Noah and Allie defied fate and tried to develop their own destiny. Because they were “star crossed” neither of them were destined to be together. The main reason that both couples had such troubles being together was their households. But despite their families disapproval they fought for their love. Romeo and Juliet’s story ended in catastrophe however Noah and Allies story had a romantic and poetic ending.

Analytical Essay Response to Romeo and Juliet and The Notebook
Relationships are often filled with differing complications and all scenarios and situations vary from person to individual. Nevertheless, romantic love checks out a more in depth level of complexity when describing household, class and society and the impacts they have on relationships and love. Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet, and Cassavetes movie script, The Note pad, both exhibit clear examples of the power that destiny, fate and personal scenarios have to affect the outcome of occasions. This is represented through the characters Romeo and Juliet, and Noah and Ally, who both present one with examples of the idea “star crossed fans”. Although both couples’ relationships are challenged by the intervention of destiny and fate, they eventually discover eternal love through situations both extremely terrible and perfectly nostalgic.
Romeo and Juliet involves the lives of “star crossed lovers’, Romeo and Juliet, who fell in love at very first sight. They quickly concerned the understanding that they were unable to be together, being from families who hated each other, the Montague’s and Capulet’s. They looked for assistance from Friar Lawrence, a buddy of Romeo’s, and he set up a lavish strategy with the objective of Romeo and Juliet being together. Nevertheless, the many barriers along the way that included the disturbance of Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, and Romeo’s best friend, Mercutio, resulted in a catastrophic ending for Romeo and Juliet. Yet the major factor that contributed to their unfortunate death was the concept of the two being “star crossed fans”. This term refers to the role that destiny and fate played in preventing Romeo and Juliet from being together. A web definition specifies that, “Star-crossed” or “star-crossed fans” is a phrase explaining a set of fans whose relationship is often prevented by outdoors forces. The term includes other significances but originally implies the stars are working versus the relationship. Such pairings are often however not always stated to be doomed from the start.” (Wikipedia, 2000). This definition straight connects to Romeo and Juliet, making them “star crossed enthusiasts” for their relationship was destined to end in a tragedy from the beginning.
Similarly, The Notebook displays the themes of fate, fate, disaster and the concept of “star crossed fans” throughout the course of Ally and Noah’s relationship. The movie concentrated on a senior male in a modern day nursing home, Duke (really Noah), who read a story to a fellow female patient who suffered from dementia, Ally. The story detailed the time the 2 had together back in the 1940’s when they were entirely and madly in love with each other. Nevertheless, as their relationship established even more, they experienced many obstacles relating to household, wealth and class which subsequently avoided them from being together. Ally was a society girl who came from a very wealthy family however Noah came from a class considerably listed below her own. Duke checked out: “It was an improbable love. He was a nation young boy. She was from the city. She had the world at her feet, while he didn’t have two dimes to rub together.” (Cassavetes, 2004) Due to their distinction in social status, Ally’s parents declined to allow Ally to be with Noah, for that reason condemning their relationship an unlikely success from the start. Like that of Romeo and Juliet, Noah and Ally were depicted as “star crossed enthusiasts” where fate and fate led them to fall in love with each other however consequently ended up being the main factor for the collapse of their relationship.
When Referring to Romeo and Juliet, destiny, fate and the familial conflict in between the Capulet’s and Montague’s mostly impacted the result of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. This is exhibited in the movie when Romeo went to the Capulet’s celebration. One would observe the existence of destiny and fate intervening, for Romeo being a Montague, would never have acquired an invitation to the party under normal circumstances. During the celebrations Romeo caught a glimpse of Juliet and the 2 instantly fell in love with each other. They were predestined to be together. Right after, Friar Lawrence organised a secret marital relationship for Romeo and Juliet, nevertheless, despite the passion and purity their love held, it might not subdue the fight between their 2 houses. Following the impulsive marital relationship, Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio had a confrontation with Tybalt Capulet on the street. While Romeo declined to combat Tybalt, Mercutio felt otherwise and actioned in to fight in location of his good friend. Regrettably, Tybalt eliminated Mercutio, stimulating hatred and revenge within Romeo. Upon the falling of Mercutio, Romeo stated:”This day’s black fate on more days doth depend. This but begins the problem others should end.” (Shakespeare, 1591) With stating this, Romeo stated that as a result of Mercutio’s death devastating occasions will take place in the near future. These devastating events describe Romeo avenging Mercutio by acting out on his hatred towards Tybalt and murdering him.Due to his spontaneous and reckless actions he was banished from Verona, making his relationship with Juliet increasingly tough. After the course of occasions that unfolded, one would assume that fate and fate have actually adversely influenced the lives of Romeo and Juliet.
Throughout the period of The Notebook it was evident that fate and fate were affecting the result of Noah and Ally’s relationship. After Ally’s moms and dads would not enable their child to be with Noah they by force moved her away from him so she could study college elsewhere. In spite of their separation, Noah didn’t quit on their relationship for he wrote 3 hundred and sixty five letters to Ally, all illustrating his love. Yet Ally never ever got these letters for her mom secretly hid them, which resulted in her perceiving the idea that Noah had moved on. After 7 years of awaiting Noah to contact her, she lastly accepted there was no longer any hope for her and Noah. Ally stole the heart of a handsome male called Lon, whom later proposed marital relationship to her. Upon her acceptance to this proposal, she discovered that on the same page as her wedding short article was an ad connecting to Noah’s remediation of his old house. She quickly felt faint, nevertheless the sighting of Noah triggered wonder and curiosity inside of her which cause her visiting him the following day.As Duke checked out to Ally in the retirement home he described the emotions which conquered Ally upon seeing Noah after seven years. He read: “And for simply a fleeting minute, a tiny wisp of time that hung in the air like fireflies in summer season skies, she questioned if she loved him again.” (Cassavetes, 2004). This scenario extremely showed the elements of fate and fate being a major influence upon Noah and Ally’s relationship. Although it was Ally’s option to go to Noah, it was evident, through Ally seeing Noah’s advertisement, that fate and destiny were ultimately responsible for reuniting the two.
The principle “star crossed enthusiasts” was experienced lots of a time throughout Romeo and Juliet. Yet the most popular instance of fate and fate manipulating Romeo and Juliet’s relationship were the minutes causing their awful death. With Romeo having been gotten rid of from Verona, he and Juliet questioned Friar Lawrence for a plan that would result in their being together. The intended strategy was for Juliet to take a potion that would put her into a death like coma and upon her awakening, Romeo would be there awaiting her in her family’s tomb. Although Friar Lawrence assured Romeo he would send out a letter informing him about the intended plan, Romeo never received a letter and rather word reached him that Juliet had died. Upon getting this news he stated: “Then I defy you, stars!” (Shakespeare, 1591) With making this pronouncement Romeo stated that he was against the destiny and fate that had actually constantly intervened in his life. Heartbroken, Romeo made a rational choice and purchased a poison from an apothecary, then raced to Juliet’s burial place. Thinking her to be dead, he drank the toxin and died simply as she awakened. As Juliet acknowledged Romeo’s dead body lying next to her, she got his gun and performed herself. Due to their circumstances, the “star crossed fans” succumbed to their disastrous fate. Yet as their deaths were violent, their death guaranteed that they would be able to be together permanently, granting them everlasting love. Although Romeo declared that he would “defy” the stars, he allowed destiny and fate to predetermine his future and therefore fulfilled the awful ending which awaited him and Juliet.
Similar to the death of Romeo and Juliet, the last moments prior to Noah and Ally’s death provided the styles of fate, fate and catastrophe being the primary identifying elements of the incident. After having a cardiovascular disease and getting hurried to hospital, Noah (called Duke) went back to the assisted living home. His only desire was to see Ally. So during the night he made his method to her space, however a nurse stopped him in his tracks and instructed him to return to bed. She was really mindful that Noah was on his method to Ally’s room, so she purposefully went downstairs to refill her coffee. At this moment, fate and fate had a function to play when the nurse enabled Noah to go to Ally’s space. When Ally sighted Noah she immediately recognised him as Noah, her one real love, not Duke, the guy she viewed him as when being impacted by Dementia. She asked him: “Do you think our love could take us away together?” (Cassavetes, 2004) Noah replied: “I think our love can do anything we desire it to.” (Cassavetes, 2004) The exchange of these few words indicated that both Noah and Ally thought their love was strong enough to take them to paradise and give them long lasting love, for it was their fate to be together forever. Therefore, in contrast to Romeo and Juliet, the death of Noah and Ally was anything but a tragedy.Although their passing was of terrific sadness, it was at the same time both wonderfully poetic and transcendent. They in harmony passed away in one another’s arms and were assured that they would be spending the rest of eternity together. Enhancing this point were the last words Noah stated to Ally: “I’ll be seeing you.” (Cassavetes, 2004)
When including romantic love, the elements of fate and destiny are popular in controling the relationship’s course of occasions. This exists in the principle “star crossed lovers”, which illustrated both the relationships of Romeo and Juliet and Noah and Ally. The Notebook provided one with Noah and Ally whose love was relatively more powerful than anything however was challenged by the intervention of household, fate and the differences in social class. Nevertheless, Romeo and Juliet observed the relationship of Romeo and Juliet which also dealt with the obstacles of family and fate. Due to both couples being “star crossed fans”, they were predestined to fall for each other, however viewing as their fate was predetermined, their deaths were unable to be avoided. Yet in finding death, they discovered everlasting love. Noah and Ally’s relationship options resulted in them defying destiny and eventually dominating their fate. Whilst Romeo and Juliet found eternal love, their options played into the hands of fate and led to their violent and ruthless deaths of utmost tragedy. “For never existed a story of more concern, than that of Juliet and her Romeo.” (Shakespeare, 1591)

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