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Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis – Mercutio


Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis– Mercutio

Shakespeare has no doubt created some of the most dynamic and fascinating characters in written history, and in Romeo and Juliet there were a number of memorable ones. Aside from the hero and heroine, the voluble and witty Mercutio is as unforgettable a character as is found in all of Shakespeare’s plays. He acts as a significant character in terms of plot improvement; but more significantly, Mercutio himself is a fascinating male in many aspects. Mercutio is not part of the Montague household, he is nevertheless a good friend of Romeo’s and associated to the Prince of Verona.

One would think this puts him fairly outside the family feud, however we learn that Mercutio is just all to going to play together with this adversary, and ultimately his quick and unpredictable nature result in his untimely death. Mercutio was initially introduced to us in Act I, Scene 4; when Romeo, Benvolio and the gang are on the way to the Capulets’ feast. Although it was only his first appearance, he captured instant attention with his remarks. We get the feeling that Mercutio will not stay a sideline character. He is revealed joking and punning with Romeo on heaviness and lightness along with how it connects to enjoy.

Mercutio and Romeo’s relationship and obvious closeness is to be kept in mind. “A gentleman, Nurse, that enjoys to hear himself talk, and will speak more in a minute than he will stand to in a month.” That was Romeo’s description of Mercutio seen in Act II, Scene 4. Indeed, Mercutio is a male of numerous words and his language is full of jokes, puns and sexual doubles entendre. To comprehend Mercutio fully we should first understand his words, and sometimes that can be tough to as his word play is quickly analyzed in more than one method. More than anybody else in the play Mercutio uses puns.

To an Elizabethan this was the indication of a fast wit, to be able to see various meanings in the exact same word. Shakespeare knew that well and integrated his own wit into Mercutio’s character. We come to associate Mercutio with puns and it appears practically characteristic of him to do so compulsively, even after he got his death-wound. “Look for me tomorrow and you will find me a serious man.” It is regretfully ironic how Mercutio is hinting that maybe he is dealing with something major for the very first time in the play, and enables the audience to have compassion for him.

Mercutio demonstrates that he is an intriguing personality from his language, which is strong, fully grown and amusing. He stands in strong contrast to his instant companions Benvolio who tends to speak rather impersonally with consideration and Romeo, whose words are primarily romantic and poetic. Mercutio’s distinct personality is also demonstrated in his views and concepts which parallel those of our hero and heroine’s. Shakespeare’s genius was that themes in his works were always explored on both spectrums with no clear line on what is ideal or incorrect.

Love and commitment are 2 of the lots of thematic areas checked out with 2 sides of the story. Mercutio’s character in the play is a little a dark horse, the side character who practically seems to provide more concepts and characteristics than the main ones. When everybody is optimistic and hopeful about love Mercutio presents his various view on it, one that is completely concentrated on the physical element. The extremely first scene Mercutio appears in he introduces what is to be his consistent theme, that of the bawdy side of sex.

For Shakespeare to provide Mercutio who is technically a side character, such a long and opinionated speech on the dark side of a style is something to be considered; as aside the main characters Romeo, Juliet and maybe the Prince, no other character is given a speech of this length. Mercutio’s view on love entirely reverses the concept that the story of Romeo and Juliet is an example of ideal romantic love. There is naturally a purpose for this and that is to check out various aspects of a theme and keep the audience thinking. Mercutio’s relationship with Romeo is also really interesting.

As soon as you begin to see what sort of character Mercutio is, one may wonder how he is such friends with Romeo whose character can not be anymore of an opposite to his. In our very first encounter with Mercutio he was talking with Romeo, and we can plainly see a few of Mercutio’s remarks are personal to Romeo and is trying to get at something. Mercutio then introduces into his famous Queen Mab speech which certainly agitates Romeo. In spite of their small argument we can see that the two get along extremely well. There is proof to reveal that Mercutio values his relationship with Romeo a lot.

Despite the fact that on the outdoors he may not show it, his subtle words and actions explains that he takes care of Romeo’s wellness and wants the very best for his pal. This can be seen when Mercutio mentioned that Romeo is back to his old self. Although Mercutio was unaware of Romeo’s secret marriage to Juliet, he saw the change in his state of mind just from his behaviour. Mercutio might be a jester who mocks and ridicules however there must be another side to him, perhaps a gentle one that we have yet to see however unfortunately never will. Mercutio’s death is the turning point in Romeo and Juliet, triggering the final events of awful series.

It is clear that Mercutio is not put out of the way by Shakespeare for any other reason than the reality that his death creates the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Although right away after, the catastrophe does not unfold with mathematic accuracy, there is no doubt that Mercutio’s death was the trigger. With this in mind, one may be tempted to ask what might take place had Mercutio not been eliminated by Tybalt. Certainly, we could have a very different play prior to us. However the point is that ought to Mercutio not have actually been killed, it is still conceivable that most of the subsequent events might happen.

The significant difference will be the entire significance of those events and their significances would be changed. From this we can conclude that Mercutio’s death is undoubtedly what advances the story that lead to the desperation of numerous characters. Mercutio is somebody who will take an obstacle head on; he was certainly going to play along with Tybalt in a duel. However we must not forget that Mercutio stepped up for Romeo who hesitated to combat Tybalt as he was married to Juliet and technically was household with him. It is tough to inform hether he was protecting Romeo more or simply enjoying the thrill of picking a battle. That’s another trait to Mercutio’s character, his actions and words are generally two-sided and we can never tell how he really feels. This is really unlike Romeo who is constantly revealing his sensations– hanging his heart on his sleeve as the stating goes. It is ironic and rueful how Mercutio received his fatal wound due to Romeo’s disturbance. In his passing away state, Mercutio appears to blame the feud between the Capulets and Montagues for his injury, twice cursing “An afflict a’both your homes! He also blames Romeo, “Why the dev’l came you between us? I was injured under you arm.” This not does anything to assist Romeo who ended up sensation guilty for Mercutio’s death and subsequently in his rush and rush of emotions eliminated Tybalt, which likewise triggered occasions that result in the supreme disaster. Even as his time drew close to an end, Mercutio’s words still exercised impact over the play’s instructions. It would not be the play Romeo and Juliet without Mercutio. His character offers the play not only comical minutes, however likewise alternate views on different themes.

Mercutio illuminate the play with his personality and puns, even his salacious jokes add a specific charm to the play. Mercutio is necessary to the play for two main reasons. The first being a perfect character contrast to Romeo and the 2nd being the dramatic turning point for the tragedy to start in earnest. Perhaps Mercutio was too strong a character to make it through, and Shakespeare produced his death to make a better play. Whatever the case, this witty, quarrelsome and spontaneous jester will most certainly be remembered as a character who is more than simply a plot device.

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