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Romeo And Juliet – Fight Between The Montagues And The Capulets


Romeo And Juliet– Battle Between The Montagues And The Capulets

The play starts with a fight in between the Montagues and the capulets, it ends with Prince Escalus threatening that if it takes place once again, individuals involved, will be prohibited from Verona. Romeo is consumed with Rosaline at this point, and gets word of a party at the Capulets estate. He and Mercutio decide to go to this celebration, partially the fact that Romeo has never ever seen Rosaline and hopes she will be there. When at the ball, Romeo sets his eyes upon Juliet, where they both fall instantly in love with each other.

Tybalt see’s Romeo at the party and thinks about visiting him to “sort him out” but Lord Capulet stops him and tells him to leave it and not ruin the ball. Later on Juliet leaves to go to sleep where Romeo goes outside to speak with her, which is the world famous terrace scene. The next day Romeo visits Friar Lawrence where he talks to him about “the vision of appeal”, likewise called Juliet. He offers some recommendations to Romeo and sets him off, after Romeo informing him he wishes to marry her.

Later that day Romeo is with his cousins at the beach where an angry Tybalt approaches them, Tybalt thinks Romeo has challenged him to a duel and draws his weapon and threatens Romeo, Romeo declines to combat and walks away, where Tybalt follows him and starts to assault him. Mercutio does not like what he see’s and stops Tybalt, where not long after, Tybalt stabs Mercutio leaving him mortally wounded. Mercutio has a credibility for being a joker, and starts to discuss how it is a “mere scratch”, and at that remark, he drops dead.

Romeo swears he will have vengeance and goes after Tybalt, when he finds him, he eliminates him and then run away’s the scene back to Juliet where he invests what he knows as his last night with her. In the early morning Romeo recognizes he should leave but Juliet convinces him that it is still night and he must stay, Romeo concurs and states he would crave her rather than be prohibited for life; Juliet decides she does not want him dead and informs him to leave.

He leaves Verona and disappears to live in Mantua, a place not too far from Verona. Friar Lawrence chooses to develop a plan that will get Romeo and Juliet together again, if only for a brief while, he gives Juliet a potion that will make her act dead for 18 hours, and then a telegram is sent out to Romeo informing him that she has actually died, so he is bound to go to see her lifeless corpse.

When Romeo arrives to the burial place Juliet was positioned in, she is indicated to awake, and they can be reunited, however he gets here early after going to and apothecary to get a toxin to kill himself, he takes the toxin beside Juliet to meet her in paradise. After he has taken the toxin, Juliet wakes up and see’s Romeo is dead and stabs herself. With the death of the 2 of them, the fight is ended and the families get along in consistency.

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