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Romeo and Juliet – Friar Laurence


Romeo and Juliet– Friar Laurence

When Juliet approached Friar Laurence he did not take even one minute to consider what might go wrong. He might have mistakenly offered her excessive of the medication and might have in fact killed her. It is also possible to have provided her the incorrect medicine and it could have been deadly. Now those are the things he did do, however there were some things that he did not do. Friar Laurence did not deliver his message to Romeo personally. If he would have done this he would have made this play have a pleased ending. The nurse aside from breaking Juliet’s trust was not responsible for the two deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

She could almost anticipate an evil fate for Juliet and attempts to entice her to marry Paris instead of Romeo. The nurse in the play was a seeming excellent soul with couple of bad actions. On the other hand so was the Friar, but he made the toxin that Juliet consumed which in turn ended it all. The Friar was trying to break the fight in between the two families and his intentions were good for how our contemporary eyes see them. However back in the Elizabethan times just the arranged marital relationship would be proper, not the eloped marriage.

The Friar seemed to be an excellent and mild individual, nevertheless if he was attempting to break the Capulet-Montague feud why did he offer poison to Juliet to make her moms and dads think that she was dead? When Juliet accepted this potion from the Friar she put all of her trust and her life in his hands. The Friar should have ensured that Romeo got his message, the Friar did not even inform the messenger that the letter was “not great and full of charge” and was “of fantastic import” until after he found out that it had actually not been delivered.

I am not specifying that killing Romeo and Juliet was the intent of Friar Laurence; his intents were the specific reverse of what happened. The Friar’s idea on how to fix Romeo and Juliet’s issues was just not analyzed adequate prior to he offered Juliet the potion. The intriguing point about this play is that unlike any other play I know of there is no villain, all the deaths were either mishap or made a lead character. The Friar took an excellent gamble for the joy of the two fans when he married them.

If the Friar would have never ever wed them Juliet would have wed Paris and Romeo would have wed Rosaline and they might have been 2 different happily married couples. On the other hand because of the deaths of the 2 enthusiasts Capulet and Montague end the fight in between the 2 households and this may have avoided greater bloodshed generations from their time as the fight continued. The Friar proved to the audience in act 3, Scene 3 where he stops Romeo from taking his own life.

The nurse likewise was on Romeo’s side as in Act 3, Scene 2 where she assures Juliet that she will find Romeo prior to he is gotten rid of and that the two lovers will be able to satisfy again before Romeo goes into exile. Both the Friar and the nurse wanted for everyone to be pleased, for there to be peace and most of all that the two enthusiasts would wind up together. They likewise wanted many of all for the popular Capulet-Montague fight to end. The nurse is a messenger throughout the play. She delivers messages from Juliet to Romeo and vise versa.

If the nurse was to be loyal to Capulet and Lady Capulet and not provide these messages the wedding could not have actually been performed. The wedding event was a major contributing aspect to the tragedy in the climax of the motion picture. It is within terrific fact that the tragedy at the end of the play could have been prevented if both the Friar and the nurse would have not done as they did. Both nurse and Friar were partly accountable for the disaster. However the Friar was the prominent factor to this and the nurse was only a tool in this disastrous fate.

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