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See Social Phenomenon from Frankenstein


See Social Phenomenon from Frankenstein

See social phenomenon from Frankenstein From my point of view, the motion picture Frankenstein( 1931) and Bride of Frankenstein( 1935) all show variety of problems that humans encounter throughout the development of society in America culture, consisting of humankind, technology, ethics and education. In this job, I want to discuss how do household and the quick development of society impact on individual viewpoint and their morality. The leading character Frankenstein in the motion picture is a scientist that specialize in studying the human life and rapt in creating every new life.

However, because of medical does not allow him to do such experiments. He leaves for the Bavarian castle and keep working on the dead bodies from tombs. Then, he takes the various parts of dead bodies and combine them together with needles to create a new body. After experimenting once again and once again, he create a body with ugly look and bring the dead to life. In the film, everybody call the animal “beast” even if of its dreadful look. With the rapid development of technology and society nowadays, researchers tend to produce new things without giving the consideration to repercussions.

However, at the very beginning, they think that science is above everything and it is the greatest. They think about that the objective of experiment is to seek for the most benefit of people too. The way Dr. Frankenstein try to develop a human body and bring the dead to life, along with contemporary researchers looks like a great deal of dreamers in America, they seek to accomplish higher positon in business market at all costs. Sometimes, personal interests such as money, competitors and position make them change the original intent and fall under a wrong course.

Thus, they started to corruption or break the laws. Here is an example that a successful American businessman called madoff, his methods is to draw in a large number of investors to keep financing with high capital return and get brand-new earnings to pay the investment interest previously. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison with restitution of $170 billion. Prosecutors estimated the size of the scams to be $64. 8 billion, based on the amounts in the accounts of madoff’s 4,800 clients.

In a conclusion, sometimes scientists and people infringe the preliminary principles and make errors, since they has problem with the principle of morality and they just wish to make it even they do not understand how important the result will be much like Dr. Frankenstein in the beginning, he will never ever know he will create a dead body with a horrible outlook till he complete his experiment. In the middle of the film Frankenstein( 1931 ), the synthetic monster has a kindhearted nature in his mind, he acts much like a newborn and requires love from everybody. Nevertheless, he feels very dissatisfied and anguish when he is always discriminated by villagers.

Both villagers in the town and his creator afraid of him and want to eliminate him because they believe he is a evil. Therefore the beast are spurned and rejected by Frankenstein. After that, he became violent and decide to look for vengeance. He killed a lot of individuals around Frankenstein. At last, the monster and Frankenstein both end in death in the battle. An obvious contrast mindset towards the monster can be seen in the scene(31:13 -41:48), at the start, when Frankenstein see the monster, he start to interact with him kindly and ask him to take a seat.

It is obviously that the monster can comprehend what people are speaking about and he is likewise attempting to communicate with Frankenstein. Nevertheless, the monster did not want to eliminate individuals until Frankenstein and his friend Dr. Waldman choose to injure him. They start to combat with each other for a while. Due to the fact that of the frighten, Frankenstein as the creator of the beast decides to reject him and return to small town. From this scene, we can see the beast is eager for entering the human society and being recognized by individuals and wish to have the ability to live like people.

However, people always judge a book by its cover, due to the fact that of the appearance and background of the monster which prompts individuals get scared of him, and they decide to isolate and escape him. Thus the monster began to take vengeance on Frankenstein. Furthermore, from one scene in the film bride-to-be of Frankenstein, after watching the relationship between the blind man and Frankenstein, I feel compassion for the monster, his desire to be accepted and taken in appears when he speaks even more of his sensation towards the cottagers. However, when individuals see the monster stay with the blind cottagers, they still try to eliminate the monster.

The monster initially thought getting along to people and treat them with sincerity can get the identity and love equally from people, nevertheless, they put the monster to embarassment instead. Thus, the beast goes to void of revenge by error and makes Frankenstein’s life separated. To a certain context, it is hard to keep one’s morality or human to others just from school and book education. Household and society likewise paly an essential role during our development. If the monster gain enough issue and love from Frankenstein after being produced, similar to his parents take excellent of him. Will the monster still discriminated by other?

We know that one of the reasons that the monster does declined by society is its appearance. However, at the prime of one’s development, without the assistance and mindful by our moms and dads is an incredibly important problem that results in the monster to look for vengeance. No matter in the past or present society in America culture, if juveniles without the very much enjoyed and be deserted by their parents, they regularly get more discrimination than people of their own age. So the huge mental gap constantly makes them to be resented much like the monster and take vengeance on others on all probability.

As can be seen, household and society has a great influence on one’s character and cultivation of the ethical. Hence, education is not only the sole responsibility of schooling, but also family moms and dads must undertake the duty. In a conclusion, I hope that unfortunately thing like Frankenstein and its monster can be avoided take place in today’s society. Family is the initial stage when we form our personality, society is the final step of that. Thus, household parents must lay foundation to the kids’s education in America culture.

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