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Similarities and Differences Between Kumalo and Jarvis in In Cry, the Beloved Country


Similarities and Differences Between Kumalo and Jarvis

In the unique ¨ Cry The Cherished Country ¨ by Alan Paton, a white male called James Jarvis and a native man Stephen Kumalo has many differences and similarities. A guy who judges natives and is likewise a farmer, was told that his boy died by the hand of a native, and a local who was looking for his child to finally figure out he killed a white male’s child and will be hanged for what he did.

One resemblance is that both of them is going through the heaviest thing in their life because Jarvis” son is dead due to the fact that of Absalom and Absalom is going to be hanged for eliminating a white man. Another similarity is that they both reside in Ndotsheni but one lives in the rich valleys and the other lives in the poor area of Ndotsheni but they both love and care about where they live. After Kumalo’s boy, Absalom eliminates Jarvis kid, Arthur, Kumalo goes to talk with James Jarvis in Johannesburg. Kumalo brings up the topic in an indirect way, saying that “this thing that is the heaviest thing of all my years, is the heaviest thing of all your years also.”(Pg.213)James comprehends simultaneously what he implies and says, “I have heard you. I understand what I did not understand. There is no anger in me.”(Pg.214)The difference between Kumalo and Jarvis is that Kumalo is just a poor old guy who is an Umfundisi for a church on the bad side of Ndotsheni and the dirt for them was red since it was erosion so they could not grow crops there”. Jarvis was an abundant racist who judged natives survived on the top of the mountain where he owns a farm with beautiful grass that is well tended that has extremely little animals that live there.

Both dads want to comprehend something about their boys. Kumalo struggles to talk with Absalom about killing another individual. James tries to get to know his kid through his son’s book that he was writing and through his son’s private documents and library, the important things he didn’t learn about him before his boy passed away. Both daddies grieved over the losses of their boy’s, are just genuinely fixed up when James assists Stephen rebuild his church, and Kumalo ended up being buddies with Arthur’s only kid. The city of Johannesburg damaged both of their households apart but outside of the city damaged families can be healed again. In the end both Kumalo and Jarvis would want that there kid can be house with them if they were still alive.

In conclusion although both Kumalo and Jarvis have been through bumpy rides both had put their differences aside and the both became friends. Both have attained understanding from their journey to Johannesburg.

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