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Summary and Comment on Animal Farm (6th Grade)


Summary and Discuss Animal Farm (sixth Grade)

The book ‘The Animal Farm’ is a skillfully composed book by George Orwell, which was first released in 1945. The time in which the book’s happenings play is not extremely specific, however can be concluded to the early 20th century in a farm home of rural England. In this book George Orwell explains the negative sides of communism by using different animals on a farm to substitute the different ranks and positions of individuals in a communist nation. This fictional story functions several primary characters such as Mr.

Jones, Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer. Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor Farm, later on to be called Animal Farm after the animals conquered the farm and chased after the previous owner away. Snowball and Napoleon, the pigs, are the leaders of the Animal Farm up until at some point in the story Napoleon gets so much power that he chases Snowball away, too. Snowball is a leader who works for the benefit of the farm, yet Napoleon was the exact opposite who worked for the good of him alone, making the most of the less intelligent animals.

Squealer is another pig who plays the role of spreading propaganda and persuading other animals on the farm to follow Snowball and Napoleon and later only Napoleon. Personally, my favorite character is Napoleon, who plays the chief bad guy in this story. Initially he and Snowball rule the Animal Farm side by side however later he manages to get rid of his co-ruler and persuade all the animals to ‘worship his feet’. Although the he only works for the good of himself I discover it rather funny how he manages to twist around all the laws without the less smart animals to even get a hint what he is truly as much as.

The story begins of with Mr. Jones strolling back to the farm house completely drunk, showing the lack of seriousness towards his job. As soon as the farmer enters his home the animals gather to a secret meeting with Old Significant, a wild bore, who tells the animals of his imagine a revolution against Mr. Jones. A few days later Old Major dies, but the more smart animals now have a better outlook in life. Not long after, the animals start a disobedience versus Mr. Jones and Napoleon and Snowball take control of the control after driving the former owner away.

The Manor Farm was changed to ‘The Animal Farm’ and the animals set up the structures of what they called ‘Animalism’. They likewise hang up the seven rules the pigs created, for the occupants of the animal farm to see: 1. Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an opponent. 2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a buddy. 3. No animal will use clothes. 4. No animal shall oversleep a bed. 5. No animal shall drink alcohol. 6. No animal shall kill another animal. 7. All animals are equal. Mr. Jones tries to acquire control once again with an attack on his rightful residential or commercial property but fails.

Fighter and Snowball who fought the intruders off bravely receive medals of Honor, however Snowball who barely combated at all also gets one. At this point the competition in between Snowball and Napoleon starts, quarreling about every decision to be made. As Snowball attempts to encourage the Animal Farm to construct a windmill, Napoleon releases his watchdog that chase after Snowball away, who was never ever to be seen again. Now only with Napoleon as the head of the farm, he uses Squealer to spread out propaganda so he stays a hero, such as saying ‘Snowball was a spy of Mr.

Jones’ or ‘constructing the windmill was his own idea the whole time’. The animals start constructing the windmill however on one rainy night the windmill was blown over– however the fault was blamed on Snowball. With this big loss the food provisions were being subtracted, however the pigs still appear getting fatter. To the other animals it seems rather strange when the pigs move into the farm house and sleep in beds and the fourth law states ‘No animal will oversleep a bed with sheets’. More often laws are being changed such as ‘No animal shall drink alcohol in excess’.

The pigs act more and more like people, which highly breaches versus the idea of Animalism. They even begin relations in between neighboring farms and invite them to take a more detailed look at the farm. The story ends when the animals realize the 7 rules have been reduced to ‘All animals are equal, however some are more equivalent than others’. The pigs dine in the farm house with the visitor farmers, leaving the other animals outside who can’t discriminate between the pigs and the farmers.

Undoubtedly George Orwell parodies communism in entire, using animals to replace different characters that play a role in communist history, such as Napoleons and Snowballs predecessor Mr. Jones who replaces Czar Nicholas the second. Napoleon clearly is the replacement for Joseph Stalin and his competing Snowball who’s in the location of Leo Trotsky, who was banished from communist Russia. Old Major, the creator of ‘Animalism’ is of course Karl Marx, the creator of the communist idea.

The book was a good read since it was fascinating to take a look at the history of communism in a total different element and point of view. In whole the book was rather well composed; there was always something brand-new taking place in every chapter and every occurring in the book can be taken as a metaphor for a historical event. The language utilized in this book was simple to comprehend. I recommend everyone to read this book a minimum of when, given that it actually changes the outlook in life, not just in politics however also in basic.

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