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Category: The Crucible

The character who I would discover the most interesting to play in ‘The Crucible’ is Abigail. There are many ways in which Miller has made her an interesting and intricate character to serve as, including her modification in power over the phase, her role as a terrible and merciless character, the truth you can relate […]
Miller emphasizes this by utilizing brief sentences with lots of pauses. The silence produces pathos for the characters from the audience. There is likewise a lot of questioning which reflects dispute and how the characters are helpless like a kid. This psychological togetherness of the Proctors contrasts significantly with their conflict with each other on […]
I believe that the most compelling scene in The Crucible remains in act 3, starting when Susana Walcott, Grace Lewis, Betty Paris and Abigail Williams get in the court (page 91), and ending when the curtain falls at the end of the act (page 105). The tension in this scene partly originates from our knowledge […]
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