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The Crucible: John Proctor is a Tragic Hero


The Crucible

“Since it’s my name! Since I can not have another in my life! Since I lie and sign myself to lies! Since I am unworthy the dust on the feet of them to hang! How may I live without my name? I have actually offered you my soul; leave me my name!” (43) This is the thinking John Proctor, a terrible hero, provided to why he would not sign his name on the file admitting to witch craft. This is also among his last statements he made before he was hung to show that he is a hero.

John Proctor is a tragic hero because not only does he bring problem on individuals, however in the end he attempts his hardest to repair his mistakes, making him a hero. Proctors errors and efforts to fix them also assists the author, Arthur Miller, of the play The Crucible, get the theme, your errors will overtake you, throughout. John Proctor is called an awful hero since he has made lots of mistakes and brought difficulty into individuals’s lives, however he tried to offset the mistakes and fix the problems he triggered. The error he made in the play was when he had an affair with Abigail.

This triggers difficulties, with not just his wife Elizabeth’s life, however also with Abigail’s life. This causes terrific difficulty for Goody Proctor since she had to deal with the fact that her husband cheated on her, because divorce was really towered above in the neighborhood. To attempt and overcome the affair John had, she tried her best to pretend that it didn’t take place, and that whatever was going to be all right between them. John also tried his finest to offset what he had done. “Spare me! You forget nothin’ and forgive nothin! Find out charity, female.

I have done tiptoe in this home all seven months considering that she is gone. I have actually not moved from there to there without I believe to please you, and still an everlasting funeral marches round heart. I can not speak however I am questioned, every minute judged for lies, as though I come into a court when I come into this home!” (54,55) What Proctor is stating here is that Elizabeth is being stubborn about forgiving him. She is not forgiving him due to the fact that this is hard on her and is certainly affecting the method she thinks about John. John is also saying that he is attempting really difficult to earn her forgiveness.

He explains that everything he does, even stroll from one room to another room, without thinking about pleasing her. This affair also altered Abigail’s life since she came to enjoy John. She fell in love with Proctor, however they might never ever be together because John likes Elizabeth and wants to be with her, also Abigail is too young for him. Since John wouldn’t be with Abigail, she tried to Elizabeth and John apart. She did this by accusing Elizabeth of witch craft. After Johns terrible errors that cheated his and the 2 ladies’s life’s, he tried to make whatever better for him and his family and be the “hero. He did this by making Mary Warren inform the people of the court that Abigail and the other women were lying about the witch craft in Salem the whole time so they didn’t get in trouble, but that does not work due to the fact that rather of Abigail admitting to her lies, she accused Mary of witch craft. “I have actually known her sir, I have actually understood her” (110 ). These are the words Proctor uses to admit to his lechery, which he likewise does to clear Elizabeth’s name. But this likewise doesn’t work due to the fact that Elizabeth wants to secure him so she lies and states the affair never took place.

After Johns attempt to have the ladies admit that they were lying, and him telling the truth about his adultery, he now appears like a liar and a bad man to the court so he says “I state- I state- God is dead! “( 119 ). Indicating that God has actually left Salem and there is no faith any longer. However the court translates it as John is dealing with the devil, which gets him implicated of witch craft. After he decided that he is going to lie and admit to witch craft, he finds the file he signed needs to be hung in the court and he right away states no, because he would rather pass away a respectable death than live without his name, making him a hero.

Miller utilizes the character John Proctor to reveal the style, your errors will catch up with you, because after he made the terrible mistake he went through an awful time. John made the error of having an affair with Abigail, and even though he tried to fix it, he was discovered a phony, and the court thought he was dealing with the devil, which got him implicated of witch craft and put to death, which reveals that because he did a bad thing his mistakes overtook him.

Overall, John Proctor is an awful hero due to the fact that not just does he trigger problem for individuals, however in the end he tries his hardest to fix his mistakes, making him a hero. His mistake was cheating on Elizabeth with Abigail and to repair it he tries to clear her name. Likewise Miller utilizes proctors character to get his style; your errors will catch up with you, across. After John had an affair he was viewed as a phony and accused of with craft, then put to death, for that reason his own errors overtook him.

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