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The Crucible: “Attempt Not to Become a Man of Success However Rather Try to Become a Male of Worth”


The Crucible

“Attempt not to become a man of success however rather try to become a male of worth. “-Albert Einstein Einstein’s thougts are also found in the play by Arthur Miller, The Crucible. In The Crucible, lots of characters are asked to jeopardize their stability in exchange for their lives. John Proctor was one such character, however he refused to quit his integrity. He wished to pass away with a good name in the eyes of the other villiagers. Another of he main characters, Abigail Williams, displays a total absence of integrity.

She lies and cheats so that she can get exactly what she desires without any regard for the security of the other characters. Throughout the play, John Proctor, a farmer, is confronted with a decision that would eventually result in his death. John Proctor shows his stability in a number of hard scenarios throughout the play. Proctor is detained on charges of witchcraft together with his better half, Elizabeth. Individuals that are apprehended for witchcraft live if they admit, but hang if they reject the charges, even if the charges are not honest.

This plays a vital part in the testing of John’s integrity later in the play. In the start, we discover that Proctor had an affair with the niece of the town reverend, Abigail Williams. This displays a lack of integrity for John, but nobody knows about it until later. John reveals his integrity when he admits to this affair later on in the play. At the beginnig of the play, the Proctor’s want no part in the witch trials. They get dragged into the proceedings when Abigail implicates Elizabeth of injuring her with a voodoo doll.

John has integegrity when he tries to conserve his partner from being hanged. He gets depositions from others in the town that show how excellent his wife was. He has Mary Warren, who was working in the Proctor house, confess that she was the one who made the doll and stuck the needle in it. This does not work however, and Mary turns on Proctor and gets him detained. When Proctor is in jail, he reveals his stability as soon as again. He understands that he has the chance to confess to witchcraft, and this will get him out of prison.

He chooses to do this after he talks with his wife, even though he understands his cofession would be a lie. He in fact signs the confession, however he tears it up. The judge told him that they would hang his signed confession on the door of the church for all the people to see. Proctor couldn’t stand to see that all individuals would think of him as such a bad person, so he destroyed the confession. He says, “I have provided you my soul, leave me my name!” Proctor likewise sees a lack of stability in Reverend Parris, who he thinks cares more about cash than his duty to God.

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