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The Crucible – a directors view Essay


I am going to make a very good director as I have a great understanding of the background of the play. I have actually studied the Crucible extremely well and have collected information about Arthur Miller who composed the play. Although the story was composed in the 1950’s we can still identify the similarities between the 1950’s America and 2004 America. Arthur Miller felt what was occurring in America at the time resembled it. Nevertheless the play Crucible has to do with the fear in a town called Salem.

In America throughout the time the McCarthy Era was taking place McCarthy ‘black-listed’ people implying prevented individuals from getting tasks if they declined to show up trials or if he decided that they were a communist. This is rather comparable to what takes place in Salem as there were also witch trials in Salem because if people were odd or an outcast in the town then they would be singled out and prosecute for being a witch.

On the other hand I also think that this has some similarities to what Hitler did to the Jewish people as he eliminated innocent Jews callously due to the fact that the only factor being that they were Jewish.

Nevertheless in the Crucible if a person was viewed as a witch then they would be killed right away. As an illustration of my style as a director, I want to draw your attention to the start of Act 4. In the scene where Proctor declines to sign and admit so he for that reason gets hanged. All the characters present in this scene are Proctor, Hathorne, Danforth, Elizabeth, Parris and Hale. My directing suggestions to star ‘Proctor’ is to speak with more self-importance and self-infatuation just to reveal individuals that he defends what he believes is right with no worry.

Elizabeth must have a sad face filled with anxiousness and nearly near tears. Hale needs to act desperate to reveal his issue about the scenario, whereas Danforth must act self-centred with an attitude to give individuals the expression that he is an impenetrable awful man. Music for specific scenes will be composed by a renowned composer which will promote the feelings. However the music for this scene need to be quiet and unfortunate but with a sense of tension for people to begin thinking as to what would occur next.

This will therefore show how Elizabeth and Hale feel about what Proctor is going through and also how Proctor is heartbreaking and depressed about being hanged. The time of day he gets hanged will be dawn however a flash of darkness should come over Proctor when he is told to be hanged which will therefore give the scene a tense sensation. The next example of my directing is the scene where Tituba and Sarah think that they are being moved to Barbados when they are truly being transferred to another cell. The characters present in this scene are Herrick and Hopkins.

Tituba must have the ability to perform in a persuading Jamaican accent all the way through. Herrick and Hopkins should act in a persuasive design with a convincing accent. There’s not going to be a lot of props utilized therefore there would be a feeling of area on phase and for that reason it will not be clustered. However there will be two cells as they are going to be moved from one cell to another. There will be a table and a chair with a lamp on top of the table. The music composed will be silence music to reveal the result that things are changing.

There will be an unfortunate music when they are altering cells to show that they don’t like the concept of being moved and likewise to have a good impact. In this scene, when people are talking spot lights will be placed on them so that the audience will have the ability to see their facial expressions like for instance the audience will be able to see how Tituba and Sarah are feeling through their facial expressions. One more example of my directing is when Elizabeth is being purchased into the court while Proctor is being questioned.

This scene is on the subject of Proctor trying to save his other half Elizabeth whilst Hale tries to persuade Elizabeth to get Proctor to confess. The characters present in this scene are Elizabeth, Danforth, Hale and Hathorne. The only advice to be provided is to have persuasive facial expressions and likewise know how to answer questions when put under anxiety. The only props used are chains which will be utilized when Elizabeth is being bought into the court to reveal the audience the result of her power being a witch. The sound effects will demonstrate how Elizabeth is really feeling about being informed to convince Proctor to confess.

Area lights will also be utilized on her to reveal her facial expressions. Therefore as you can see, I have a terrific understanding of the play ‘Crucible’ therefore would make a remarkable director. I guarantee that the play if directed by me would become one of the most popular plays as it would be a play full of life and so many people would wish to see it. Although I have much more high-quality concepts, the examples I have given up until now were just brief samples of my work. Nevertheless if I am offered the possibility to direct this play I would undoubtedly make this play an extraordinary play!

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