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The Crucible – Abigail Essay


The character who I would discover the most interesting to play in ‘The Crucible’ is Abigail. There are many ways in which Miller has made her an interesting and intricate character to serve as, including her modification in power over the phase, her role as a terrible and merciless character, the truth you can relate her to a real historical figure and the audience’s ability to see a slightly softer side to her at some times in the play and question their opinions of her.

The very first way in which Miller makes Abigail an intriguing character to play is the method which her control over the stage and the audience modifications throughout the play.

There are times when she revealed as a very strong and manipulative character and has terrific existence, for instance in the yellow bird scene where she leads all the other girls in preventing Mary Warren from telling the reality. The words are full of malice, for example when she first discusses Mary’s name and states “Envy is a deadly sin Mary.

” Even though she has actually been lying and sinning throughout the play, the uses of the words ‘lethal’ and ‘sin’ reveal us that she is great at manipulating the circumstance to her advantage by planting these harmful words into individuals’s heads.

She is made to sound very threatening however at the same time she is conserving herself, not minding getting others into difficulty. However, in contrast to this, there are times in the play where Miller reveals a few of Abigail’s power slipping away from her and she is unable to play with the mind of the individual she is speaking with. A good example of this is where she is talking with Proctor near the beginning of the play and is attempting to persuade him that he still enjoys her.

The words Miller has actually offered her show her clutching at straws as she attempts everything she knows, for example attempting to be seductive when she says “Provide me a word John, a soft word.” When this doesn’t work, she is shown as getting even more desperate, finally yelling out “John, pity me, pity me!” These two examples show her in extremely various phases of power. I believe this would be interesting to play as you would both have the ability to hold the stage at some times but likewise be able to play a character with some depth and show her scrabbling for any power she can when she does not get her way.

Continuing from this, another intriguing part of playing Abigail would be the large power that she has more than the audience throughout the play. She is usually the centre of attention whenever she possibly can be and the audience are never completely sure whether they need to be pitying her or being really suspicious of her. From the start we can see through the stage directions that Abby is suggested to have ‘an exceptional skill for dissembling’, nevertheless the audience do not see this and so they go through the play wondering what to truly think of her.

She acts very sweet and innocent at the start and it would be pleasurable for the actress to play this knowing that she remains in fact tricking the audience. Later in the play she could be played showing more twistedness, for example when she is playing the yellow bird scene and making remarks at Mary Warren whom we trust and believe isn’t a witch, so by then the audience’s sympathies will have moved and the actress playing Abigail can really show them how bitter her character is.

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