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The Crucible Act Essay


This suggested that God chose everyone from birth for redemption or damnation. Just God knew the fate of an individual and absolutely nothing you did would alter it. They lived extremely rigorous lives that stuck to the magnificent law and you were condemned if you didn’t obey it. 2. When Abigail implicates Tituba of witchcraft just to get the pressure off of her therefore that they would stop asking her concerns.

More proof is found when we find the affair in between Abigail and proctor which could be the reason Abigail tries to conceal the fact about what actually took place.

An alternative is that they just wanted to do something daring and enjoyable because Puritans were extremely stringent and they didn’t have that much liberty. Or they wished to utilize witchcraft to make potions to get men to fall for them. 3. Reverend Paris is the minister of Salem. He caught his daughter Betty, Ruth Putnam, and Abigail Williams dancing with Tituba in the woods.

He believes they were performing witchcraft and now he’s fretted that he’ll be tossed out of the town for having a witch as a daughter. He is a paranoid, attention looking for, self-absorbed individual. The majority of people in the town don’t like him. 4. Thomas Putnam was a really wealthy man who wanted to increase his wealth buy implicating individuals of witchcraft and then buying their land. Ann Putnam is Thomas Putnam’s wife who is lady who has experienced lots of deaths and has bad dreams.

She thinks that witchcraft was the factor that she had 7 stillborn kids, so she’s fine with blaming these deaths on the supernatural and desires justice for the “wicked doings” of somebody else. Ruth Putnam is the only surviving child of the Putnams. She fell ill along with Betty after Reverend Parris found them dancing in the woods. Ruth goes to Tituba to conjure spirits so she ‘d be able to interact with her dead brother or sisters since her mother asked her to. 5. It ended up being suspicious when we learnt that Elizabeth didn’t wish to sit near Abigail (whom she fired), despite the reality that Abigail has rejected doing anything wrong.

The commentary provides us a little background details and helps us comprehend a few of the things going on in the story. On page 1241 the 5 paragraphs of commentary explain about Thomas Putnam, discussing his background life and character. From this commentary we now know that Putnam was extremely wealthy and he felt like he had supremacy over everyone else. He has a vindictive, revengeful, and bitter personality. This offers us insight into the character so that we can deeply understand them which will help us comprehend the story better.

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