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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay


From seeing the small worry his other half was feeling, Proctor currently felt under pressure when Hale then asked him if he too knew his Commandments. Hale: ‘and you mister?’ Proctor: a trifle unsteady ‘I– am sure I do, sir’. The reason why John is unsteady is not just because is he under pressure here by Hale however he knows he is duplicating the rule of ‘Thou shalt not devote infidelity’. This is pressure in it self as John understands that he has in reality broken this rule and his dear partner Elizabeth is still cold and unforgiving towards him.

The phase instructions then go on to tell us how Hale is fretted about Proctor and his good other half Elizabeth. Proctor then understands he needs to sternly inform Hale ‘there be no love for Satan in this home, mister’ to make certain his and his other half’s names are not blackened in the town. These examples reveal the pressure that individuals of Salem are under and what role they need to live up to.

Hale goes on to use religious terms in more of his sentences.

For instance, ‘my responsibility is to include what I may to the godly knowledge of the court’, you undoubtedly do not fly versus the Gospel, the Gospel-‘, ‘God keep you both’, ‘hope calm yourself’ and so on. These all emphasize how faith belongs of everybody’s function and lifestyle in Salem which it is so considerably essential to them. Hale uses these stating to secure his beliefs and make sure that no one can disagree or talk wrong of God and the Gospels.

By being able to state ‘I hope it, I pray it dearly’ to others, this shows that Hale must see himself greater than the rest of Salem in order to be bale to wish them and likewise put a fear into them of God and that He is what can save them, if only they pray. The severe nature of the society can be seen in Act 1, in part of the Tituba’s ‘confession’. Abigail states aloud amongst all the hysteria, ‘she typically makes me laugh at prayer!’ The people in the space calm down as they are trying to take this in, however a person mocking prayer is far beyond their thoughts and understanding.

This was taken extremely seriously. In another example, it is noted down the number of times a year one comes to church. When Hale initially begins to question Proctor he states to him, ‘in the book of record that Mr Parris keeps, I note that you are hardly ever in church on the Sabbath day.’ As Salem takes this so seriously and the church has a major impact on the people of Salem’s life, Proctor sees this as a huge mark versus his name and is quick to safeguard himself.

Proctor somewhat rebelled versus these judgments and frequently dealt with his land for several days at a time. This made the people of Salem really suspicious of his ways and he was typically talked about. Such things suggest individuals’s expectations in such a society. The end of Act One reveals Tituba’s ‘confession’ and how Miller uses a certain method of short stylish sentences such as,’ I don’t compact without any devil!’ anxiety and the force of God to reveal the pressure that Tituba is under to admit whether it hold true or not.

The significance to save her life is much greater, and is the main thing that is required upon Tituba to make her lie about conjuring spirits. We can tell this where Putnam states,’ this female needs to be hanged! She should be taken and hanged!’ it seeks this point that Tituba understands it is much better to make an incorrect confession and let Hale ‘tear her complimentary’ then to die. The paradox of this is that it is much better to depend on such a deeply religious society in order to save ones life, then to let your life be taken for God, which is the focal point of life’s of Salem’s citizens.

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