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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay


For my GCSE drama coursework we have actually studied the crucible by Arthur Miller. In the play Miller shows how easily people can be deceived by the innocence of youth. He likewise exposes the gullibility of common individuals, even people such as Danforth and Hathorne, who play the role of the “smart” judges. A single lady, Abigail, causes the failure of the whole society. Abigail terrifies the more youthful part of the society into submission. The people, who need to decide the fate of the remainder of the society, see only her innocence and truthfulness.

Abigail looks for the love of John Proctor, a farmer who is appreciated and feared by most of the townspeople. Proctor makes an absurd mistake when he has an affair with Abigail, later on he is sorry for having this affair, and he desires Abigail to forget that it ever took place. Abigail does not wish to let him go, she desires him to choose in between his better half, Elizabeth Proctor or her, Abigail.

Abigail is denied of attention and she seeks it from the community.

Arthur Miller wrote the crucible due to the fact that at the time there was a witch-hunt going on in America called McCarthyism, The very same fear, which paralysed Salem citizens in the spring of 1692, was paralysing the United States. Stars were replacing Salem citizens, Communists were changing witches, and Danforth turned over his court to McCarthy and the HUAC. Blind men of comparable stuff were again creating history. One plot gave way to another. The play was written to prove how effective Joe McCarthy was and also to show that its wrong to evaluate someone on what someone else has stated about them because at the end of everything they could be lying.

In the beginning I thought the crucible was going to be rather uninteresting and extremely hard to comprehend however as I read the play I discovered it extremely interesting and pleasurable. It also directly represents the “witch-hunt” going on in the world today with the war and terrorist attacks. In the play I enacted Mrs Putnam she was a bitter and twisted woman of 45 whom had actually lost 7 of her 8 kids and Ruth the one kid she had left, who in the play was one of the lots of who conjured spirits, was cast under a power of darkness and was feared to be dying.

I had a female role and believed having this role was substantially harder than having a female function because to play a male role you would just require to play an individual of the opposite gender whereas to play a female you had to act completely various as they were treated totally various to nowadays, for instance they needed to wear long gowns and bonnets as it was believed to be sexual to show a little bit of ankle or hair although nowadays women wear next to absolutely nothing.

I feel my group did very well and that everyone pulled our weight and discovered our lines, it was also quite tough as the play is composed in old English and in the beginning was tough to check out and comprehend however after we check out this a couple of times it soon became clearer and simpler to play our parts, we likewise assisted anyone else in the class who discovered it that little bit harder to come to terms with.

There were a few arguments within my group about things like who was who, why someone had not discovered their lines, why that individual wasn’t in on this day and where we where supposed to be on set although all of these things were quickly conquered after we remembered it was for our GCSE and we all desired a reasonable grade and a mutual understanding of the play. We also had actually the included trouble of having 11 individuals in our group and throughout act 1 pages 17-27 which was the part we had actually picked just 10 characters appeared however we decided this wasn’t a problem and had a character swap with Parris as all of us felt this was the biggest part.

I felt that doing the Crucible in drama helped me in English as we were likewise doing this, which offered me a head start since I had currently read the whole play. For the last part of our composed coursework we have actually been asked to evaluate the other groups production. I believe that the other group did well and enjoyed what they were doing however they also discovered it tough to comprehend in the beginning much like the rest of us.

They had a couple of arguments between themselves also about finding out lines and phase instructions; they to had to have a character swap as they picked the same part of the play as us although they picked to character swap with Abigail, they done this well and carried out actually highly although some were more powerful than others. The Crucible is quite a difficult play to comprehend when it reads the first time and took me a while to grasp all the factors caused in this play, although this was a major problem in the beginning I quickly conquered it by reading it over.

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