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The Crucible – Character Essay: Abigail Williams Essay


The Crucible– Character Essay: Abigail Williams Essay

In the drama The Crucible. written by Arthur Miller. Abigail Williams is a truly manipulative. seductive. and unethical individual. She is usually caught up in a prevarication or is in the presence of seeking to pull strings a specific or a group of people. This barbarous foe will stop at nil to achieve her brainsick ends. Although. in the terminal. Abigail’s persuasive prevarications do non acquire her what she really desires. her actions throughout the drama impact lots of occasions and do her the most compelling character of The Crucible. Throughout the drama. Abigail speaks making use of fallacious linguistic communication in her changeless pursuit for power. The audience’s very first launching to her real nature remains in Act I when she states “… Let either of you breathe a word and I will concern you in the black of some awful dark and I will communicate a pointy thinking that will shiver you …”

This quotation mark reveals Abigail’s despair and genuinely violent head while she tries to command the mistake she has made. but to command this error she should command those around her who understand of it. Abigail provenders on the reality that no 1 would make bold to expose her if they feared her so terribly. Abigail’s desire for power and her willingness to lead on anyone to obtain what she wants besides foreshadow her actions. Abigail lies in Act I when Reverend Parris faces her after happening her and other misss dancing in the forests and practising witchery with Tituba. In the town of Salem. Abigail’s prominence is already somewhat blemished. But when Parris asks her “Your name in the town– it is wholly white. is it non.” Abigail replies “I am certain it is. sir. There be no flower about my name.” Abigail’s reaction was plainly another prevarication because she was fired as the Proctor’s retainer after Elizabeth discovered her matter with John.

Abigail is a malicious. vindictive miss who. in an effort to safeguard herself from charge and to accomplish her supreme end of replacing Elizabeth as John Proctor’s married woman. instigates the Salem enchantress tests and leads the charge of accusals. Unlike the other characters. she is non actually complex and is clearly the scoundrel of the drama. Her intention is basic green-eyed monster and her desire to be with John Proctor. Abigail’s barbarous nature. however. is due partly from previous injury. She is an single. orphan who saw as her parents were murdered by Indians. For that reason. she ranks short on the Puritan Salem societal ladder. and the lone individuals below her are the servants and social castawaies. The enchantress tests. in which the misss are allowed to move as though they have a direct connexion to God. authorise the antecedently powerless Abigail.

As soon as avoided and scorned by the decent townspeople. Abigail now discovers that she has authorization. and she makes the most of it. Throughout the drama a lot of the occasions. in some way or another. need to cover with Abigail or take place as a consequence of something that she did. She is the most memorable character of the drama simply for that ground. Even when Abigail leaves town for the Barbados when her hopes of being with John Proctor are scruffy. her old actions still have huge repercussion on the lives of the accused. Although Abigail Williams is the cause of many tasks. her impact in The Crucible is indisputable.

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