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The Crucible Development Essay


Among the tasks of the workshop was to develop an efficiency that lasted up to 5 minutes from a choice of images used as a stimulus. The images were all connected to witchcraft, the primary theme of ‘The Crucible’ and varied from a more fashionable and contemporary take to witchcraft to a conventional pagan pentagram. The image stimulus that my group decided to utilize was the illustration of a ‘Dunking Chair’, a piece of apparatus used in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s to check if thought witches were guilty or innocent of witchcraft.

We produced a piece of drama embeded in the contemporary with pupils at a secondary school visiting a museum that is displaying a display of ancient witchcraft tests such as the soaking chair, and spell books etc. The boys’ imaginations are caught and upon leaving the museum they are encouraged to purchase a book of contemporary spells that they can cast in the house. Their 2 buddies are not so easily trapped and go home that night to discover a news article stating that kids that buy the book might be persuaded to cut their wrists in order to do the final spell in the book.

Startled by their discovery the 2 boys hurry to their good friend’s house.

Regrettably they are far too late and the good friends have already cut their wrists. The goal was include as many significant strategies as possible and within our efficiency we utilized freeze frames, marking the moment, thought tracking and split focus. The methods were utilized extremely successfully and assisted increase the significant result upon the audience. In conclusion, the efficiency helped to deepen our understanding of the play as we increased our understanding of the fear that witchcraft produced in the early 1700’s: the time in which ‘The Crucible’ was set.

The dunking chair showed that the public were willing to devote acts of torture to presumed witches with no solid evidence that they had done anything incorrect. This is present within ‘The Crucible’ as Giles Corey is slowly pushed to death since he won’t plead guilty. Evaluation of Contemporary Scene Our final task was to develop a brief piece of drama based on a problem from ‘The Crucible’. Our group decided to utilize the concerns of infidelity and accusations.

In our play the action focused on Adam and Rebecca, a young, couple, Rebecca’s work friend Sam and Adam’s 2 bros, Sebastian and Rob. We utilized significant paradox to show that whilst Adam was implicating Rebecca’s buddy Sam of having an affair with his spouse, Rebecca was sleeping with his sibling in Adam’s bed. After discovering that Sam remained in fact gay, Adam writes a divorce settlement and hands it over to Rebecca at her birthday meal at which the fact about Rebecca’s affair comes out. Adam is left alone and distressed with the tune ‘The other day’ by The Beatles playing over him.

The problem of infidelity was present in ‘The Crucible’ with Abigail’s affair with John Proctor and the theme of allegations existed throughout the play with a lot of the villagers of Salem being implicated of witchcraft. Throughout our practices, the play went through efficiently with no-one forgetting lines; nevertheless we constantly stopped brief of the ending as we were unsure of how to end the play. This showed within our last efficiency as the ending was noticeably shoddy, with lines being made up on the area. Another fault with our last efficiency was the lighting.

We didn’t allow ourselves adequate time to go through the lighting instructions with the people we had designated for the job. This likewise revealed within our performance as there was one particular scene where there was an extended darkness that impacted the ending of our play. By developing our own efficiency based upon a problem from ‘The Crucible’, our understanding of a few of the character’s actions was furthered. For instance, by basing our play around adultery we can comprehend more why John Proctor was lured into having an affair with Elizabeth as were 2 of the characters tempted by Rebecca in our play.

How the Workshop Assisted You Understand the Play Overall I think that the workshop actually deepened our understanding of the play and the characters actions and ideas. From comprehending the paranoia of witchcraft developed by the church to realising why John Proctor had an affair with Elizabeth. Moreover, the workshop enabled us to broaden our opinions on the play by permitting us to hear the whole group’s viewpoints of the play. This was accomplished throughout the workshop and for this factor; I believe the workshop was incredibly effective.

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