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The Crucible dramatic and emotional Essay


I wished to make my version of Arthur Miller’s yellow bird scene in ‘The Crucible’ remarkable and emotional. I wished to develop remarkable stress in the scene by highlighting how upset, disappointed, and psychological the characters are. At the start of this scene Abigail crated a vision of yellow bird. I made Abigail look frightened however mad at the exact same time. This made the scene more significant as Danforth was very upset and baffled. I did this to make audience need to know more and make them feel distressed.

During the next part of the scene there is a lot of disagree between John Proctor and Danforth.

I emphasized the disappointment of the characters by making them shout madly and sound violent. This was to build up the tension in the scene to affect the audience to feel stunned. In the next part of the scene Abigail accuses Mary Warren of sending the yellow bird upon them to injure them.

This shocks Mary, as she is innocent so she cries out in a horrified and baffled way. Mary Warren begins to get restless due to the fact that nobody will listen to her viewpoint. The girls start to wind her up by repeating what she is saying. I directed the girls to speak in a soft-echoed tone of voice.

This is due to the fact that this would annoy Mary even more and make her more upset and upset. I likewise placed the women to face Mary and stare at her, this was to develop a lot more disappointment within not just Mary but the audience also, as they understand that she is innocent. I wanted Mary to appear more upset and highlight the feeling developing inside her. The women pursue in acting in this method till Mary breaks down in tears and is weeping and pleading. This brings more feeling to the scene, and I wanted Mary to come throughout weak and terrified.

Danforth is asking questions but isn’t getting the responses he wants, so I made him lose control at points and show much impatience to make the scene more significant. Proctor ends up being even angrier and sounds violent since nobody will listen to him either. He understands he has genuine difficulties with managing rage since he is so annoyed, while the girls are still repeating “Mary Warren”. This makes a scene full of mixed emotions; anger, aggravation, anxiety and a bit scary. Ultimately the girls voices become louder this makes Mary not weaker however angrier and Mary weeps out loudly.

I believed because Mary is now appearing more powerful the ladies would rage, so I made them repeat their teasing of her in a cold bitter intonation. I wanted to show group power as revealed by the girls and how it results one bachelor. As each is screaming and yelling at each other, they become a growing number of furious. This highlights the frustration within the scene. For instance Danforth starts speaking louder and far more sternly due to the fact that he wishes to be heard and he is attempting to maintain his authority. Ultimately the ladies dominate Mary a lot she gives up and confesses.

This is a genuine shock, so the intonations are decreased since the girls have actually got their own way. When Mary accuses Proctor, the confusion and the yelling return because he is upset and knows that now no one will think him. During this part of the scene Danforth cools down and speaks in a more patient tone of vice this is because he is relived because things are beginning to make good sense, although it is a lie. The next part of the scene is when Mary Warren sobs out that she likes God. I thought this part of the scene was practically highly charged and I stressed this by directing Mary to break down in tears as soon as again.

Hale and Proctor end up being more distressed and more aggressive through out completion of the scene due to the fact that they know the girls are lying and this is especially damning for them. Hale gets for disappointed he quits the court leaving Danforth a lot more baffled and impatient as he is terrified that he might lose his authority. Show sneak peek just The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller area.

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