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The Crucible: Abigail


After Abigail’s reply I would blink my eyes slowly, bite my bottom lip and rest the idea of my 4 fingers on my bottom lip,’ Danforth seems unstable’. I would relocate my seat just a little but then settle again demonstrating how uneasy I was. When Abigail reveals her self-confidence towards Danforth by standing up to him I would look stunned and frightened. I would open my mouth a little and raise my eyebrows as if to say something however then swallow again and look down,’ Danforth can not speak’.

When Abigail attempts to go out I would straighten my jacket, clear my throat making a little noise and with confidence summon Abigail back into the space, I would say it confidently due to the fact that it is clear by the language Arthur Miller has utilized,’ You will remain where you are,’ that he implied this line to be commanding and authoritative. After that awkward occurrence where Danforth lost his superiority in the court, he tries to restore it once again with Parris.

When Parris things Danforth’s commands I would hammer my fist on the desk and reveal frightening, fiery, meaningful eyes towards Parris,’ dramatically to Parris,’ Danforth now realises that he has regained power in the court and he tries to put everything into stringent order,’ Knock before you come in’. When Danforth states, ‘your other half, you say she is a truthful women,’ I would say it in an un powerful way since Danforth is asking Proctor’s side of the story and Danforth is presuming that she is a sincere women which is a good thing. When Danforth says,’ Now let neither of you rely on face Goody proctor.

No one in this space is to speak a word, or raise a gesture aye or nay,’ I would state it in a commanding way as the words which Danforth says are all orders which are rigorous. I would say the line in various pitches and volumes. I would emphasise some words and state the less important ones silently, this would ensure that all of the declaration is understood and acknowledged it likewise shows a commanding and authoritative approach of controlling the argumentative victims of the court. When Danforth comes across Elizabeth he would obviously notice her nervousness, as Elizabeth states everything,’ faintly’.

Danforth reacts to this and realises that she needs to be concealing something and asks her brief, snappy concerns to attempt and get it out of her. I would say this concerns in a tough, strong way making sure she did answer them truthfully. When Danforth catches her looking at Proctor, he says,’ You will search in my eyes just and not your partner,’ I would state shout this at the top of my voice since the words are really powerful in themselves and this would hopefully make her dive out of her skin in addition to the rest of the court.

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