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The Crucible Essay


The Crucible is more than a remarkable play; it has an underlying, yet apparent message. When The Crucible was composed many individuals refused to believe on their own concerning the trials of prospected communist, and Arthur Miller was the very first. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller, utilizes the Salem witch trials of 1692 to display the dangerous McCarthyism, the spectator result, and mass hysteria. In the 1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy stated “The State Department is infested with communists.

I have here in my hand a list of 205 … a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Celebration and who however are still working and forming policy in the State Department.

” (Griffith, Robert (1970 ). The Politics of Worry: Joseph R. McCarthy and the Senate. University of Massachusetts Press. pp. 49.) This speech triggered a mass man hunt to reveal, prosecute and punish all individuals believed to be working for the Soviet Union. The trials were really one sided, as were the Salem witch trials.

The people questioned were result in a dead end. Confess and offer name, a person is totally free, but if rejected a charge or refused to answer the House committee on Un-American activities question the founded guilty would deal with prison time, or perhaps death. These committees of the 1950’s are shockingly similar to the Salem witch trials almost 250 years prior. The most popular individuals implicated of espionage throughout this time period were the Hollywood Ten. This was a group of playwrights that were accused of espionage and later on locked up for contempt since they kept quiet throughout questioning.

Arthur Miller was among the Hollywood 10. He wrote The Crucible to warm individuals, utilizing a historical occasion, of the current mindset of the American people. Among the topics presented is the bystander result. The onlooker effect is when one sees immoral actions occurring, however fells average and takes no action. The dark side of the spectator effect reveals itself extremely strong in both The Crucible along with the McCarthy hearings. Among the strongest examples of this phenomenon is discovered in act 3 during the trials. But you must understand, sir, that an individual is either counted with this court or against it, there is no roadway in between.” (Act III; P. 73) This line offered by Danforth demonstrates the general attitude of the court. One is either against it or opposes it, however the when the general population is following the court it ends up being extremely hard and dissuading to reveal any opposition to the authority. “They’ve concerned topple the court, sir!” (Act III; P. 82). This statement by Parris show that any opposition to the court was greatly discredited as Proctor was implicated sometimes of trying to overthrow the court.

Because a villager was not allowed to question the actions of the court in any way the chosen to wait the side and enable the murder of dozens of innocent individuals. The bystander impact was extremely common in the McCarthy period also. As in The Crucible community members implicated their own next-door neighbors so that they could avoid prosecution. Instead of trying to stop the imprisonment of innocent humans the American individuals did what they could do to conserve themselves and after that stood by the side to see their own good friend’s lives be ruined. Second, in composing The Crucible Miller exemplifies the dangerous of mass hysteria.

Mass hysteria is when a large quantity of people share the exact same worry and began taking drastic actions as a whole. Mass hysteria is brought on by a group of individuals, or a single person panicking causing an even bigger group of individuals to panic commonly for no factor. An example of this is from more existing times. In January of this year 12 ladies became ill with touretes at the very same for no apparent factor. After these 12 women showed signs more began having the very same the same signs. After an investigation no medical cause was discovered however the weird desiese called mass hysteria.

In The Crucible act 1 Hale is trying to get names of other people associated with witchcraft when he states” [Tituba] the Devil is out and victimizing her [Abigail] like a beast upon the flesh of a pure lamb.” After the women are sick from attempting to conjure spirits Hale and the other villagers commenced to put witch craft to a stop. While doing this the whole town goes into a hysteric state and nobody can be relied on. These actions are really relatable to the McCarthyism of 1950 because McCarty’s speech sent out the American individuals into a wild spiral large in which they presumed everybody was a communist.

Arthur Miller was suspected of being a communist in the McCarthy trials of 1950. The trials begun by the mass hysteria of the possibility of soviet spies lying deep within our nation’s woodwork and this fire was sustained by the individuals that not did anything to stop these criminal offenses against humankind, the prosecution of numerous innocent souls. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible to reveal what these exact same specific actions and absence of actions did to people in 1692 with the supreme objective to stop these prosecutions driven dark desires and hidden agendas.

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